How To Choose The Right Books For Your Preschooler


In today’s day and age, there are a lots of tools and resources parents love when introducing their preschool children to new books. And whether you’re a tablet-reading family or prefer the hardback variety, children’s books are available by the thousands. So, how do you know, as a parent, that you’re promoting the best books, themes, and stories for your preschooler?

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we often share resources and insights to help parents make the best decisions for their kids. Here are some great factors to consider when choosing the right books for your preschooler. Explore these tips to help narrow down the vast abyss of available titles and be confident you’re making the best-fit choice for your little one.

Relatable Titles & Themes

Whenever you introduce something new, concept or otherwise, to your preschooler, keep their age and growth levels in mind. As preschoolers, they’re often looking to explore new worlds and big ideas and will do so by picturing themselves as those star characters. Look to select book titles that allow your little ones to immerse themselves in relatable imagination, even if the concepts themselves are new to them. Situations, dreams, desires, and environments that resonate with your preschooler are fantastic choices for books and stories.

Brilliant Illustrations

At this age, storytelling can be incredibly mesmerizing. But kids love pictures and will use those illustrations to help them connect with the story. Pictures will also help keep their attention when you’re reading together. Even wordless books provide great learning opportunities as a way for children to develop their language and interpretation skills. So, consider choosing preschool-age book titles that have creative and bright illustrations throughout for continued learning and brilliant fun.

Fun to Read Out Loud

As a parent reading to a child, you can infuse some added fun with reading time when you can “get into” the character, using mock voices and enthusiasm as you read through the text. It’s these moments that tend to be most memorable for little ones who are eager to bond with you. Try to identify the books and stories that look like they’d be fun to read out loud, so you can create those fun bedtime story moments all the time.

Ask Others in Your Preschooler’s Circle

Busy parents don’t always have time to do ample research on which books to read to their preschoolers. So, if you’re pressed for time, consider talking with your child’s teachers, daycare providers, or other parents about what books are trending right now among preschoolers. You can also check for award-winning reviews online to choose books that have rated well nationally.

Look for Teachable Moments

Reading time is a time for fun. However, you can also be looking to incorporate a few preschool-age titles that also help present teachable moments and educational life lessons. Most adults remember the fables read to them as children, like The Fox and the Grapes or The Boy Who Cried Wolf, that each offered morals. Bring some of those traditional versions or new stories with similar messages to help teach your preschooler about the important lessons in life.

Stick with Your Preschooler’s Interests

If you’re still stumped about which books to select for your preschooler, it’s perfectly acceptable to go with titles that represent their interests. If your little one is all about dinosaurs, ladybugs, or stargazing, you can find plenty of stories featuring just about any niche. It’s a great way to nurture those interests, too, exposing preschoolers to more about what they like and enjoy. Allowing them to choose the book themselves is a good way to involve them in the reading time process, as well.

Keep these insights and suggestions in mind as you look to choose the best books for your preschooler. And when you need curriculum-based day and after-school care in Parkland, Florida, connect with us at Parkland Children’s Academy. Call to schedule your tour today at (954) 688-5877 and enroll your preschooler!

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