What Your Toddler Can Expect At Daycare

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If you’re a busy parent looking for a daycare for your children, look no further than Parkland Children’s Academy. Our daycare facility is passionate about the development of every child by creating a safe learning space and prioritizing safety, health, and fun.

For the greatest peace of mind, send your child to a daycare that genuinely cares about the needs and development of each child.  Your toddler will encounter a loving, family-oriented environment, a curriculum-based structure to their days, and a safe, toxin-free environment.

Below we share 5 skills your toddler will learn at our daycare.

1. Cognitive Learning

Children learn the necessities at our daycare program from an early age. Matching shapes, colors, and similar items, as well as gaining an understanding of sequences, time, classification, and seasons are two ways your child will develop their cognitive abilities. We also expose them to age-appropriate general knowledge, problem-solving, and other activities that will stimulate young minds and inspire a love for learning.

2. Self-Confidence

The activities we do together with children at daycare support self-esteem and self-confidence. Children start to demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles and respond in a light-hearted manner when making mistakes. Together with the family-oriented nature of our daycare, and the activities which boost socialization, children gain self-confidence as they learn, grow and overcome within the safe environment provided.

3. How To Socialize With Others

Spending time around others is the best way to teach young children the value of sharing and uniqueness. Just by playing games and engaging in a variety of different activities together, children learn how to negotiate, follow rules, and share. They also learn to have fun and enjoy the peers around them, which in turn develops their ability to conduct themselves well in social environments.

Socializing happens from about the age of one and a half and two years old. The gift of friendships, even from an early age, will boost self-confidence too.

4. A Healthy Lifestyle

The meals we provide are put together by our in-house nutritionist, giving children all the nutrients, they need for energy and vitality. When they eat together, they learn valuable lessons about proper eating habits and manners. When children eat well, their overall well-being improves, as well as their mood, ability to concentrate, and behavior. We value a healthy lifestyle and do our best to teach children how to look after themselves.

5. Language And Literacy

One of the best activities we do that’s very popular with children is reading and storytelling. Language skills start at an early age and reading helps them to recognize and understand words and meanings. Literacy is a wonderful tool. Storytelling and sharing hold children in good stead throughout their lives and teach them valuable morals and life lessons along the way.

Daycare Near You In South Florida

When you Google “daycare near me,” there’s a reason why Parkland Children’s Academy is one of the top results. We are proud to be one of South Florida’s top-rated preschools and daycare facilities. If you’d like to book a tour, get in touch at 954-688-5877 to discuss your child’s early learning needs.

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