Preschool Care

Helping Children Build Self-Esteem

Learning how to build your self-esteem from a young age is an invaluable lesson that every parent wants their children to go through. Here are some ways to help them along the journey, and to learn a couple of things about yourself along the way What Is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves […]

Why Teacher/Child Ratios Matter For Infant Daycare

The ratio of children to teachers is not a new topic. It is one element that every parent will ask about when searching for a preschool for their children. It seems that one on one attention is simply something that is valued, especially where preschool education is concerned. There are so many reasons for the […]

How To Help Your Child Adjust To Child Care

Changing a young child’s routine is a challenge most parents will face as their child reaches different developmental stages. Starting infant day care or going to sleep-away camp can be difficult for young children and the transition phase can be especially difficult if it’s their first time away from their home. Preparing them for this […]

The Benefits Of Daycare For Infants

When parents decide to go back to work some struggle with the decision to enroll their child in a daycare.  However, a good quality daycare is not only somewhere safe for your children to be, it can actually provide many benefits for your child! Studies on the effect of daycare show that daycare can be […]

Infant Child Care Solutions

Returning to work after having a baby may seem like a daunting process but here are some useful infant child care solutions that will help you pick the best one for you as well as your infant. Baby SittersA baby sitter is a person who has the necessary qualifications and references to temporarily look after […]

Infant Education Through Exploration and Discovery

Choosing an infant daycare is one of the most difficult decisions for parents. For some, the idea of leaving their babies with a stranger is unsettling and to others, infant daycare just isn’t a priority. In recent years studies have shown just how crucial the first few years of a child’s life are. These infant […]

The Evolution of Daycare

It’s hard to imagine a time when educating young children was not a priority, but for many years young children were considered property and education, a luxury. In recent years governments and parents alike have emphasized the importance of early childhood development, starting as early as infant daycare. Here we discuss the leaps taken in […]

A Safe Preschool Keeps Kids Safe Off-Campus

A safe preschool means you know your child is safe both in the classroom and out on field trips. Here we discuss some of the steps your child’s preschool should be doing to keep them safe and to teach about safety both in and out of a classroom setting. How To Maintain A Safe Preschool […]

School Readiness Tips For Those First Few Weeks Of Preschool

Going to preschool can be an emotional time for both parents and children, but the following school readiness tips is something you can do to make sure your child’ venture to school goes easier. How to Prepare for the Initial Steps of Preschool Incorporate these steps below to ensure the first weeks of school isn’t […]

Creating a Safe Preschool

Across the globe, growing up in a safe environment has become a luxury, more than the norm. If individuals must take special measures to ensure security of their homes, the same special measures should be expected from establishments who are responsible for the care of these folks most precious possessions – their children. Safe preschools […]

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