Preschool Care

Infant Child Care: Understanding Your Infant’s Developmental Areas

A child’s emotional, social and physical development is largely dependent on the first couple of years, and even months of their lives. Their later childhood, teenage and adult years will be largely dependent on what the young mind and body are exposed to in infant child care. In particular, an infant’s first year of life […]

Fun & Creative Learning At Infant Daycare

As children age and develop, they go through many different stages requiring different kinds of stimulation and learning. When we think of preschoolers and children in kindergarten, the phrase ‘fun learning’ is easy to describe: we think of arts and crafts, basic science experiments, and a fair amount of input from the child. Learning is […]

Helping Your Toddler Get Ready For Daycare

Transitioning from home to a structured daycare can be a challenging time in a toddler’s development. The new caregivers, routine, and learning environment can be overwhelming, but there are ways to help young children prepare for the changes ahead. Here are three tips to help make transitioning to preschool easier and to help make the […]

Behavior Management: What Works In Child Care & What Doesn’t

Modifying a child’s behavior can be challenging for parents and teachers as techniques used at child care can differ from those used at home. Children model what they see and respond to adult’s conscious and subconscious teachings. Reinforcement techniques are often applied without intention, resulting in consistent behavior that can be considered deviant. We all […]

Toys That Teach Your Preschooler Speech Skills

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the study and theory of a child’s development from birth to age six. Today, there are numerous tools and resources available to parents for speech and language development in their child. Similar practices, including during playtime, are now standard in preschool and Head Start programs around the country. In this […]

Preschool Learning – Safety Skills Your Child Should Know!

A lot of parents struggle with the idea of sending their kids to preschool for the first time, especially if the child’s safety is their number one concern. There are, however, a number of things parents can do to better prepare their children for preschool so that you can feel more at ease and better […]

Child Development Tips On How To Stop “The Gimmees”

Everyone has experienced the green-eyed monster at some stage of their lives, learning to manage it is an important part of any preschool child’s emotional development. As children grow, they become aware of their interests and desires. Often, they want what they want, and they want it now. Guiding them through those emotions can be especially […]

Daycare Center Discusses The Importance Of Good Hygiene

Young children are exceptionally good at getting dirty, whether they come home covered in mud from playing outdoors or wipe their nose without a tissue, somehow, they will find a way. Maintaining good hygiene is important, especially in a daycare center, and has many benefits: it can help prevent toddlers from getting sick and spreading […]

Teaching Your Toddler About Hurricane Safety

With hurricane season approaching now is a great time to get your family prepared. With severe storms and hurricanes, we can often expect very strong winds that topple trees, flying debris, lots of rain with thunder and lightning, flash floods and general chaos. Can you imagine how scary this must be when seen through a […]

What It Takes To Raise Great Children

Being a parent can be difficult on its own, and the added responsibility of knowing that you have a life in your hands whose future you can help steer in the best direction, can be quite scary. Raising great children is not a secret recipe – with these guidelines and the right preschool, you are […]

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