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Welcome to Parkland Children’s Academy Preschool

We are a Parkland preschool dedicated to creating a fun and friendly environment that makes early learning a happy experience for our children. We prepare them for their school career and life through curriculum-based education, safety, health, and social development.

What We Offer

Our school provides the facilities, teachers, and opportunities a child needs to thrive. We focus on each child’s physical, academic, and social development to ensure they adjust well to each stage of their early education. Our Parkland preschool accommodates children from six-week-old to four-year-olds in the following classes:

Specialized Infant Care

Our infant care facility takes care of babies from 6-weeks until they are 24 months old. Our teachers focus on early infant education to stimulate their natural curiosity and lay a solid foundation for the rest of their preschool journey.

Babies learn to socialize from an early age. All the games, songs, and exercises they do are full of new skills for them to master, both physically and mentally. Our teachers present activities in a fun atmosphere that instills confidence and a love of learning within each child.

Two-Year-Old Class

Our two-year-olds learn how to become more independent when feeding themselves, packing up after activities, and when playing. They also learn to take care of their own basic hygiene.

This age group takes on potty training and basic safety practices. They’re encouraged to practice sun safety, such as wearing hats and sunblock outside. When out in public, they learn to hold hands and stick together. Socially, they’re introduced to basic manners and start practicing respect for others.

Beginning with this class at Parkland preschool, each child is assessed according to the Florida Birth to Three-Year-Old standards.

Three-Year-Old Class

Increasing independence is the focus of the three-year-old class. Their activities equip them with the skills and confidence to do things for themselves. Other key areas of development include learning to stay on task and finish activities, such as puzzles, crafts, or games.

This group adds empathy and compassion to their social skill set and continues growing their vocabulary of good manners.

As this age is very active, this class builds gross motor coordination skills through outdoor activities such as walking backward, balancing, and climbing. They hone their fine motor coordination through doing crafts as they practice cutting and tearing, learn to color inside the lines and build towers with blocks.


We offer full-time and part-time programs for 4-year-olds in our Parkland Preschool during Fall, Winter, and Spring to get them ready for kindergarten. Even though this is our oldest class, we still make sure they work in a warm atmosphere that is loving, fun, and happy. The areas we focus on are to make sure each child:

  • Can use the restroom by themselves
  • Learns appropriate manners for mealtimes
  • Incorporate social skills when sharing and playing
  • Learn how to resolve conflict appropriately
  • Recognizes numbers and letters
  • Can communicate their needs

After-School Care

We’ve created a home away from home for our after-school care children. They can enjoy some rest time, get through their homework with help, and play with their friends. We do after-school pickups for your convenience and peace of mind.

Spring, Winter & Summer Camps

Our camps run three times a year, keeping kids busy and happy in the Spring, Winter, and Summer. Knowing that some children find it hard to leave their families for long periods, we run our camps in a daytime-only format.

Children get to experience all the fun, outings, and activities we plan for the campers and get to go home in the evenings. Each week at camp runs on a theme and every day is packed full of crafts, games, and visits to interesting places.

Our Teachers

We choose our teachers according to their training, their natural rapport with children, and their skill as a teacher. Our child-to-teacher ratio is low to allow for lots of personal attention to give each child the best opportunity for success. It’s our goal to provide an excellent preschool experience for your child.

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Our Preschool Curriculum

We use the Florida Department of Education Standards for all our classes. Each child is assessed three times a year to ensure that they are on track emotionally, socially, and academically. Assessments take place in the Fall, January, and May.

Parent-teacher meetings are held after assessments to allow parents to check in with their child’s teacher and find out how their child is doing. Assessments are useful for picking up on a child who is falling behind and giving them the help they need to catch up with their peers.


The safety of our children is a top priority. To secure our school, we make use of a security keypad that gives parents and visitors access to the lobby. A biometric fingerprint scanner is used to enter the school from the lobby. Parents use this to check their children in and out of the school.

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Our Facilities

To provide stimulation for the children, classrooms are stocked with games, puzzles, and toys. Our teachers have access to all the stationery and craft supplies they might need. Each class is fitted with an interactive whiteboard that encourages participation and allows the lessons to flow.

The school flooring is a hospital-grade antibacterial surface that is cleaned with water only. Not only is the flooring bacteria-resistant, but it doesn’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning. Chemicals may trigger allergies in children.

Our playground surface is thick, springy, poured-in-place rubber. This provides a smooth, flat surface that is safe for children. Our playground equipment and furniture are Jonti-Craft, designed and built for children’s development.

Preschool At Parkland Children’s Academy

We understand how challenging it can be for parents to leave their child in someone else’s care. For peace of mind, we’ve added webcam viewing to all areas of our school. Parents can check in via a smartphone app or on desktop.

Our online parent’s corner shows the full menu of lunch options served at Parkland Children’s Academy. We serve fruit during snack times, which happen twice a day.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Parkland preschool family. If you’d like to visit the school and see the classes in action, we are happy to show you around. Contact us to experience the Parkland Children’s Academy difference!

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