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best preschool curriculumProviding your child with a well-rounded education is a priority. We share that passion with you as a parent. Parkland’s Children Academy is a highly reviewed and recommended preschool in Parkland. Our daycare program offers the fundamentals to enhance children’s learning, safety, health and development, while also allowing them to have fun.

Conveniently located in Parkland, Broward County, Parkland Children’s Academy is one of the best preschool and day care facilities for your child.

What Does Parkland Children’s Academy Offer?

There are a host of things that our preschool in Parkland has that other childcare facilities don’t offer.

1. A Family-Orientated Environment

First and foremost, we are a family-owned and operated school. The premise is simple: when you create something and watch it grow, you’re more personally invested. As a family, we are 100% committed to the success of the students and we take great pride in having built a reputation as a school that holds strong family values at its core. Because of this ethos, our school has been identified as one of the best schools in Parkland. Our parent school (Providence Children’s Academy) obtained an incredibly high scoring during its first year of operation 2010-2011.

2. A Curriculum-Based Preschool In Parkland

We incorporate a hands-on, curriculum-based methodology. Our teachers follow the philosophies of creative curriculum. Children are exposed to age-appropriate activities to expand on the learning standards introduced in the classroom. Additionally, all children are taught on wide interactive smart boards.

At Parkland, children learn through the use of colors, numbers, math, and phonological awareness activities that offer a hands-on approach with technology. This means that your child will learn through an interactive approach and be able to “play”, while also being guided through the steps by accredited and experienced teachers. This also includes ongoing assessments, teacher-parent conferences, and portfolios. All kept to monitor the children’s interests, needs, and progress.

Parkland’s curriculum introduces themes that are changed weekly to encourage excitement and variety. It turns every activity into an enjoyable learning experience for students and teachers, while implementing basic school readiness education. The curriculum caters to all types of learners- incorporating kinesthetic (tactile) learning and teaching methods. It also accommodates children who learn through listening as well as those who prefer the hands-on approach.

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3. Summer Camp Classes

We understand the advantages of individual attention. That’s why we apply the same philosophy to summer camp.  Our educators keep things small so they can focus on the individual child. This guarantees they’re getting the education and support they need.

Parkland Children’s Academy proudly offers Spring camp and Winter camp with three field trips each week during all camps.

4. A Safe and Toxin-Free Playground

Our furniture is Jonti-Craft. Jonti-Craft is recognized in the childcare industry as the strongest and safest. In addition to that, we use a toxin-free, antibacterial rubber material on the playground. This reduces bumps and bruises. The surface is about 2.5″ of thick rubber, creating a very soft surface for children to play and tumble safely around the shaded outdoor playground.

Our staff is well-trained. Proper supervision is always maintained when children are indoors or outdoors at our facility. Most importantly, all of our staff members are CPR and First Aid Certified.

Additionally, our flooring is antibacterial. This means cleaning requires no harmful chemicals. Furthermore, classrooms are professionally cleaned every week.

5. Equipped and Prepared Facilities For Security and Emergencies

In order to enter the school, guests are required to present photo identification. In addition, doors are equipped with security code access and fingerprint access for drop off and pick up. Exit doors are locked at all times.

Our school boasts a fully integrated intercom system that can be used in the unlikely event of an emergency. Your child’s safety is top priority with the specially designed emergency procedures. Our emergency preparedness plan teaches all students what to do in the event of a security breach.

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6. A Maintained Healthy Lifestyle

We provide children with a healthy, well-balanced diet curated by our in-house nutritionist. This includes a daily hot lunch served “family style”. This gives children practice with proper eating habits, good manners, and social skills. It also fulfills all the nutritional requirements of growing children. Remember, please pack a lunch if your child has a particular food preference.

If your child has an allergy or dietary need please let us know and we are happy to accommodate.

7. Partnership With The YMCA

In addition to healthy meal plans, we have partnered with the YMCA in Parkland to help combat childhood obesity. Our programs are geared towards diversification of activities to accomplish this goal. We offer tumbling, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, exercise routines, and fitness. Your child is sure to find something that peaks their interest and keeps them active.

8. Safe Bus Transportation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) strongly recommends prohibiting van use for transporting children. This is what law makers have termed as they, “New School Bus Category for Multi-functional Transportation Needs”. In response to this recommendation, Parkland Children’s Academy uses only school buses that are multi-functional in transportation.


9. A Florida VPK Provider

The Voluntary Prekindergarten Program (VPK) is free (part-time) for all four-year old children born on or before September 1. This means your child receives an age appropriate curriculum with a strong emphasis on early literacy taught by qualified instructors in manageable class sizes.

Parkland Children’s Academy also offers a wrap around, which is full-time.

10. Exciting Events and Activities Throughout The Year

Just a to name a few of the fun activities we celebrate at Parkland Children’s Academy:

  • Open house
  • Halloween parade and party
  • Winter show for three and four year olds
  • 100th day celebration
  • Book fair
  • Science fair
  • Mother’s day tea
  • Father’s Day Drop off Donuts and Coffee
  • VPK graduation & Grad Night
  • Individual, class, and graduation photos
  • Community involvement
  • On-site & Off-site field trips
  • Enrichment classes
  • Amazing Athletes
  • Soccer Shots
  • Dance
  • Fun and Fit
  • Spanish
  • Fun Bus

Looking For The Best Preschool In Parkland?

Do you have questions about our preschool in Parkland? Call us now! Additionally, you can visit our facility at  Parkland Children’s Academy to take a tour of the school. You’ll get the chance to meet with us in person and see what we can offer you and your child.

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