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Decrease Your Child’s Screentime With Summer Camp

The technological advancement in the 21st century have resulted in screens being a permanent part of our daily lives. Our cellphones, tablets, TVs and even watches have become sources of information and entertainment. It is a phenomenon that affects people of all ages – even young children make use of these devices. When your child’s […]

How To Help Your Child Adjust To Child Care

Changing a young child’s routine is a challenge most parents will face as their child reaches different developmental stages. Starting infant day care or going to sleep-away camp can be difficult for young children and the transition phase can be especially difficult if it’s their first time away from their home. Preparing them for this […]

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys For Child Development

Early education for your child should not just start at school but in your home as well. As a parent, you want the best for your child and this includes carefully choosing the type of toys your child plays with. Most people think that buying toys for children only serves an entertainment purpose, even though […]

The Benefits Of Daycare For Infants

When parents decide to go back to work some struggle with the decision to enroll their child in a daycare.  However, a good quality daycare is not only somewhere safe for your children to be, it can actually provide many benefits for your child! Studies on the effect of daycare show that daycare can be […]

How Summer Camps Help Your Child’s Social Skills

There are various educational programs available that can help develop and grow your child. Many programs focus on cognitive, academic, physical and emotional development. But one important domain of development that is often overlooked is social development. What many parents don’t realize, is that children need more than just academic skill development and physical exercise […]

Sensory Play And Brain Development

Early brain development is one of the most important responsibilities we have as parents and educators. While there is a large variety of toys, electronics, and apps available on the market to help aid children ranging from infants to pre-k, sensory play and preschool activities are crucial to early brain development. Here at Parkland Children’s […]

Fun And Educational Preschool Science Experiments

Let the fun begin! Parkland Children’s Academy has created a list of fun preschool science experiment activities for you to do at home with your children. We believe that teaching children about science will foster a learning environment where your children can grow and develop.  Science teaches us to ask questions, and there is no […]

Teaching Preschool Children About Compassion And Empathy

Preschool children are experiencing many changes and discovering new things about themselves that were previously unknown to them. Between the ages of 3-5, children are learning to enjoy their independence and prefer to do things on their own. The difficulty here is that this independence can sometimes result in a child becoming a bit selfish […]

How To Choose The Best After School Care

Now that you have chosen after school care as your best form of child care how do you go about making sure that you have picked the correct one for you and your child? When choosing the facility look out for these tips that will ensure you choose the best quality child care. Teachers/Preschool Staff […]

Infant Activities for Each Important Stage of Development

Whether it be playing Mozart in the womb, or teaching them to play an instrument, there are a lot of different activities you and your child can do together in each stage of their childhood to help with their development. One of the often-neglected times of development is during infancy. We tend to gush over a newborn and get distracted by how […]

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