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How Preschool Centers Stay Safe During An Outbreak

Social distancing, a phrase that was hardly ever used pre-COVID-19, is now an essential part of our daily vocabulary and thought-process. To an adult, it is easy to explain, understand, and implement, but what about children? Can they understand the word or even grasp what the concept is? It is almost time for children to […]

Milestone Quiz: What’s Your Child’s Development Age?

There is a well-known saying that states every child develops at their own pace; while this is true, it is important to know your child’s current developmental stage, as it can help you to assess whether your child is on track with development and whether the need for assistance is necessary. At Parkland Children’s Academy, […]

Spring Preschool Snacktivity: Bunny Bait

Spring is in the air and your children’s energy levels are most likely increasing at an exponential level. What better way to convert this burst of energy into a learning experience than with some cooking fun? This bunny bait recipe is a fantastic preschool activity to enjoy with your child. Get them excited about the upcoming […]

Learning Years: How Negative Self-Talk Affects Children

It might surprise you to know that your child is often their own worst critic. If the stream of unspoken thoughts inside your child’s head is habitually negative, an array of psychological issues can arise. In this article, we’ll discuss how negative self-talk can impact your child’s learning years and what you can do to […]

When Should You Enroll In Infant Daycare?

Whether your decision to enroll your infant in daycare is because you have to return to work or because you want your child to socialize with other children the same age, the decision is never an easy one to make. There are many questions prospective daycare parents have and so many conflicting theories around whether […]

Florida Early Learning Program: What Parents Need To Know

Florida’s early learning program is beneficial to children across the state, but understanding the ins and outs of pre-k education isn’t always easy. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to enroll your child into an early learning program. What Is The Florida Early Learning Program? The Office of Early Learning aims to […]

The Benefits Of After School Daycare

After school daycare has become a necessity for most working families. About 60% of children today are in daycare or an after-school program. Finding a quality after school program can be an arduous process. From concerns about your child’s safety to feeling secure that your child receives a quality education and care. With the need […]

The Benefits Of After School Programs For Children, Families, & Communities

After school programs provide so much more than convenience. They’re a place for personal and academic growth for children, they offer peace of mind to parents, and they instill a sense of community for children and parents alike. Whether it’s easing school difficulties or relaxing a home life after school programs benefit children, parents, and […]

12 Infant Development Activities For Your Baby

The definition of the “infant stage” of life varies from one year to two, but one thing is certain – and that is that an infant’s development during this time is foundational for further development. During infant development, a child learns to communicate, sit erect and discover the world around them in a basic, introductory […]

The Importance Of Summer Camp Programs

After summer camp one year, a little boy was overheard saying “They say the happiest place on earth is Disneyland. They’re wrong, it’s summer camp.” Yet another child, when asked what they thought about summer camp, replied, “I went to summer camp expecting to make friends, but ended up with family.” What is so magical […]

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