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Teaching Preschool Children About Compassion And Empathy

Preschool children are experiencing many changes and discovering new things about themselves that were previously unknown to them. Between the ages of 3-5, children are learning to enjoy their independence and prefer to do things on their own. The difficulty here is that this independence can sometimes result in a child becoming a bit selfish […]

How To Choose The Best After School Care

Now that you have chosen after school care as your best form of child care how do you go about making sure that you have picked the correct one for you and your child? When choosing the facility look out for these tips that will ensure you choose the best quality child care. Teachers/Preschool Staff […]

Infant Activities for Each Important Stage of Development

Whether it be playing Mozart in the womb, or teaching them to play an instrument, there are a lot of different activities you and your child can do together in each stage of their childhood to help with their development. One of the often-neglected times of development is during infancy. We tend to gush over a newborn and get distracted by how […]

Preschool – Age Of Learning Through Play

When it comes to shaping young minds, play is one of the most effective ways to develop language and communication skills. A good preschool will incorporate play to help children learn, ensuring that they develop into well rounded individuals. We’ve already discussed why a good preschool is necessary but did you know that there are […]

Infant Child Care Solutions

Returning to work after having a baby may seem like a daunting process but here are some useful infant child care solutions that will help you pick the best one for you as well as your infant. Baby SittersA baby sitter is a person who has the necessary qualifications and references to temporarily look after […]

Preschool Activities For Active Toddlers

A toddler is any child that is aged between 12 and 36 months, often children this age can be very energetic and busy. This energy comes from your toddler’s curiosity of the world around them, the world is a very stimulating place to a toddler and naturally they want to explore it. Toddlers run around […]

Preschool Class Activities That Bring Out Your Child’s Creativity

Preschool Children are children that can be any age between 2 and 5 years old. Preschool is a very important pharse in children’s lives, as most children this age are very energetic, inquisitive, and have a willingness to learn. During these years in a child’s life, their skills such as reasoning, questioning as well as […]

The Importance Of Social Activities In After School Programs

After school programs are not programs that we place our kids in hoping they will enjoy it – parents take time to research the appropriate after school program for their children. The social interaction that your child will experience in any after school activity is important for their overall development. Why Are After School Activities […]

Child Care Centers Giving Back To The Community

Giving back to the community fosters a great feeling in all of us, and by teaching your little ones how to give rather than to always receive will help them in the long run. Preschool is a good time to learn about charity as your children will start learning the importance of the bigger picture […]

Teaching Preschool Children About Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is remembered every 11th of November in the United States and serves to keep in remembrance all those who gave their service in the U.S Military. Veteran’s Day marks the end of World War I, when it ended at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month. Veteran’s Day was […]

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