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Stop The Stutter With These Preschool Tips

Some young children may experience speech impediments, especially when they are new to language and learning how to communicate with their thoughts and feelings. Stuttering is one of the most common speech impediments in young children, and, while the precise reasons and mechanisms of stuttering are not fully known, the most common causes are developmental […]

Stress Management Techniques for Preschool Children

Relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga are often used by adults to clear the mind. But did you know that these stress management activities can also be useful for young children? Relaxation techniques can help channel negative emotions through a calming activity, which can change a frantic mind to a focused and happy one. Children […]

Rhyme Time Is A Fun Time Preschool Activity

Rhymes can be both fun and educational for your preschool aged child. Whether it’s in songs, plays or stories, using rhymes for the purposes of helping your child learn is a wonderful tool. Not only are they fun, but they also have long-term benefits and will help them learn through their school years. Here’s how […]

Teaching Your Toddler About Hurricane Safety

With hurricane season approaching now is a great time to get your family prepared. With severe storms and hurricanes, we can often expect very strong winds that topple trees, flying debris, lots of rain with thunder and lightning, flash floods and general chaos. Can you imagine how scary this must be when seen through a […]

Fun Preschool Learning With Puppets

Starting preschool is a new chapter for both your child and you as a parent, you want to do whatever you can to make your little one’s transition into preschool easier. Puppets serve as a great buffer between your child and any possible nerves they may have about starting preschool, and they also improve your […]

Summertime Pool Safety At Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way for your kids to get some down time – school is closed, they’re away making friends, enjoying the sun and having fun. While you’re helping your child pack and prepare for summer camp, remember the importance of safety, and especially pool safety. Any water can be potentially lethal for […]

What It Takes To Raise Great Children

Being a parent can be difficult on its own, and the added responsibility of knowing that you have a life in your hands whose future you can help steer in the best direction, can be quite scary. Raising great children is not a secret recipe – with these guidelines and the right preschool, you are […]

The Importance Of Circle Time At Preschool

Even though a large percentage of small children take part in circle time daily, their parents may not fully understand the importance of this time at preschool. Almost all early childhood child care  and preschool programs include at least one circle time in their daily routine. While young children look forward to this fun time, it […]

Childhood Development: Bilateral Integration

Bilateral integration is very important in your children’s development. It can help them later in life with their fine and gross motor skills. If they have difficulty with certain tasks, it may be best to consult your family doctor and make a plan for a way forward. What is Bilateral Integration? Most people do not […]

Teaching Toddlers Handwriting Skills

Teaching your child handwriting skills can be a very exciting time in your toddlers’ life and yours! Try to keep in mind these tips when introducing your toddler to writing, not only is writing a basic and primary form of communication but it can also help them with their fine motor skills. The Most Important […]

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