VPK Program

What Is The Difference Between A VPK Program & Preschool?

Preschool and the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program are both important parts of early childhood development. Both forms of early childhood education aim to encourage children to cooperate with their peers, think critically and communicate effectively. They encourage learning through play in classrooms designed to stimulate young minds, while simultaneously guiding social and emotional growth in […]

Florida Early Learning Program: What Parents Need To Know

Florida’s early learning program is beneficial to children across the state, but understanding the ins and outs of pre-k education isn’t always easy. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to enroll your child into an early learning program. What Is The Florida Early Learning Program? The Office of Early Learning aims to […]

High-Quality Pre-K Programs: Why We Need Them & What They Look Like

The age of four to five years old is such an exciting time in your child’s life. This is when they start mastering the art of running, hopping, kicking a ball, throwing, swinging, and climbing and also start showing signs of becoming independent, self-confident and creative. At this age, their attention span increases and they […]

Benefits Of A Good VPK Program

Florida has many perks for raising your family, whether you’re a permanent resident or a military family stationed here temporarily. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of a Parkland Academy VPK program to promote the development of your preschooler in a safe, engaging, and dynamic classroom. What is A VPK Program? VPK is […]

How to Choose the Right VPK Program for Your Child

Kindergarten has long been seen as the essential first step children must take into the educational world but VPK has emerged as another great tool to help ensure children are ready to begin school. Therefore, it is important that parents know what VPK is and how to choose the right VPK program. What is VPK? […]

Why You Should Enroll Your Child For VPK

Preschool is daunting for any child, and for that matter, any parent too. However, it is a necessity. If you want your child to prosper, invest in his or her education. And while quality education can sometimes be known to come with a hefty price tag, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) programs are free to Floridians, which […]

What is Florida Early Learning?

Florida Early Learning is part of the Florida Department of Education, and is aimed at making early learning more accessible, reachable and quality-filled, for Florida’s children. Florida Early Learning is like an umbrella that helps manage and protect all the care givers of the state, making sure that no family nor child is left without […]

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