Parkland Daycare Difference: How Our Approach Sets Us Apart

Finding a family-oriented preschool that is dedicated to laying down a solid foundation for your child’s future is important. A good childcare center will take pride in always providing high-quality service to both you and your children. Choosing Parkland Children’s Academy as your early education choice ensures that your child is prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

What We Offer At Parkland Children’s Academy

Parents naturally want the best for their children, which includes a safe and healthy learning environment to flourish and grow. A quality preschool program will have safety features and other amenities that make it an easy choice for parents. Some of these features include:

  • A safe and toxin-free playground and classroom with Jonti-Craft furniture, the strongest and safest on the market.
  • Antibacterial flooring, which means no harmful chemicals are used while cleaning.
  • Webcam viewing for parents.
  • Healthy, well-balanced catered lunches curated by our in-house nutritionist.
  • Photo ID required for entry, security code access, and fingerprint access only for drop-offs and pickups.

During the day, we provide nutritious food to our students, we also offer a variety of activities that help keep kids active, such as cheerleading, tumbling, basketball, soccer, and fitness classes.

What Is A Curriculum-Based Preschool?

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we follow an early childhood curriculum and our students enjoy learning with age-appropriate technology. Our Smart Board interactive computer is a touch screen and spans the classroom wall nearly 66” x 46.” Your child will learn numbers, letters, colors, math, and phonics with this hands-on technology.

Not only will your child love learning, but they’ll be able to play while doing so. Our staff performs ongoing assessments for each child to monitor your child’s needs and progress regularly.

Why You Should Consider A Florida VPK Provider

Our voluntary prekindergarten program (VPK) is a free part-time program for 4-year-olds born on or before September 1. They receive an age-appropriate curriculum focusing on literacy by qualified instructors who can manage their small class sizes efficiently.

Summer Camp Options

We understand the need to have different camps available to parents. At Parkland Children’s Academy summer camp, we focus on providing ongoing education that kids need all year long while also remaining active.

We offer group activities like baseball, soccer, and other individual sports. Athletics are great for young students to build their motor skills. Aquatics and water play games are directed by qualified staff who are always supervising your child, so they are always safe.

Every week, we feature a fun theme, such as American Idol Week, where a talent contest is conducted. Bouncy houses, arts and crafts, and music all are included in the daily camp activities to students engaged.

But the fun doesn’t end with summer: we also offer spring and winter camps that feature three weekly field trips.

Learn More About Parkland Daycare Options

To learn more about our Parkland preschool, visit our Parkland Children’s Academy Facebook page to learn about events we host year-round.

You can also schedule a tour of our school to learn more about what we can offer your child.

For additional questions, or to enroll your child in one of our daycare programs, call today at 954-688-5877.

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