Preschool Activities

Infant Activities That Help Communication

Babies start communicating with us from the second they are born. Using a combination of sounds, facial expressions, and body movements, they let us know their needs entirely non-verbally. Their communication skills develop further when we respond to their simple method of ‘talking,’ and we can further this development through infant activities and play. How […]

Milestone Quiz: What’s Your Child’s Development Age?

There is a well-known saying that states every child develops at their own pace; while this is true, it is important to know your child’s current developmental stage, as it can help you to assess whether your child is on track with development and whether the need for assistance is necessary. At Parkland Children’s Academy, […]

Spring Preschool Snacktivity: Bunny Bait

Spring is in the air and your children’s energy levels are most likely increasing at an exponential level. What better way to convert this burst of energy into a learning experience than with some cooking fun? This bunny bait recipe is a fantastic preschool activity to enjoy with your child. Get them excited about the upcoming […]

Fun, Holiday-Themed Preschool Activities

The holiday season is the ideal time to teach young learners about important celebrations while creating corresponding activities to help them develop in their learning journey. The following five fun preschool activities will help children learn fine motor skills, counting, and how to get into the holiday spirit. Turkey Math Mat This activity is designed […]

Preschool Activities That Get Your Preschooler Excited To Learn Colors

Learning how to differentiate between colors may not seem like a crucial task, but this skill will later develop into letter recognition, sight word recognition, and other higher-level sorting techniques. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we handle introducing colors in much the same way as we handle other subjects – lots of exposure in as many […]

Stop The Stutter With These Preschool Tips

Some young children may experience speech impediments, especially when they are new to language and learning how to communicate with their thoughts and feelings. Stuttering is one of the most common speech impediments in young children, and, while the precise reasons and mechanisms of stuttering are not fully known, the most common causes are developmental […]

Stress Management Techniques for Preschool Children

Relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga are often used by adults to clear the mind. But did you know that these stress management activities can also be useful for young children? Relaxation techniques can help channel negative emotions through a calming activity, which can change a frantic mind to a focused and happy one. Children […]

Rhyme Time Is A Fun Time Preschool Activity

Rhymes can be both fun and educational for your preschool aged child. Whether it’s in songs, plays or stories, using rhymes for the purposes of helping your child learn is a wonderful tool. Not only are they fun, but they also have long-term benefits and will help them learn through their school years. Here’s how […]

Fun Preschool Learning With Puppets

Starting preschool is a new chapter for both your child and you as a parent, you want to do whatever you can to make your little one’s transition into preschool easier. Puppets serve as a great buffer between your child and any possible nerves they may have about starting preschool, and they also improve your […]

The Importance Of Circle Time At Preschool

Even though a large percentage of small children take part in circle time daily, their parents may not fully understand the importance of this time at preschool. Almost all early childhood child care  and preschool programs include at least one circle time in their daily routine. While young children look forward to this fun time, it […]

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