Preschool Curriculum

Infant Education Is Fundamental For Success

Up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens during the first five years of their lives. This makes preschool and pre-K incredibly important as it lays the foundation for learning and success later on. The way your child progresses and learns during this time will, to a large extent, determine their success later in […]

Why Science Should Be Included A Preschool Program

Did you know that a child can ask as many as 300 questions a day? By nature, children are naturally curious and many answers to these questions are science-related! For a preschooler, science is about finding out how the world works. Including science in a preschool program is a fun way for them to learn […]

Sensory Play And Brain Development

Early brain development is one of the most important responsibilities we have as parents and educators. While there is a large variety of toys, electronics, and apps available on the market to help aid children ranging from infants to pre-k, sensory play and preschool activities are crucial to early brain development. Here at Parkland Children’s […]

Preschool – Age Of Learning Through Play

When it comes to shaping young minds, play is one of the most effective ways to develop language and communication skills. A good preschool will incorporate play to help children learn, ensuring that they develop into well rounded individuals. We’ve already discussed why a good preschool is necessary but did you know that there are […]

Should A Preschool Curriculum Involve STEM

The importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has become apparent in recent years as studies into education and how to provide quality education to the youth have increased. Studies by acclaimed researches and foundations such as Carnegie Foundation, have indicated that a country’s ability to excel economically is dependent on an education system […]

How A Smart Board Enhances Preschool Learning

Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. Our reliance on it has increased in leaps and bounds and we use it for everything from helping us find places to improving our entertainment experiences. We often think of learning, however, as a person standing in front of us or our children and dictating but […]

How A Preschool Class Can Help Children Succeed With School Readiness

For most children, a preschool class is their first experience interacting with peers and being away from the comfort and security of home. While it may seem daunting to drop your child off at school when they are so young, nothing could be better for their growth and future development than a holistic early childhood […]

Breaking Down The Different Types Of Preschool Programs

For many children preschool is the first interaction they will have with the formal education system. It will prepare your child for learning for the rest of their life. Bearing this in mind, it is clear that choosing an appropriate preschool is often seen as an extremely daunting task, made even more difficult by the […]

Effective Teaching Styles For Preschool Learning

Have you ever tried explaining something to your child, but they don’t understand until you show them a picture or make them do it? The reason for this is not a lack of ability, but that every person learns differently. Knowing children don’t all learn the same way is important when they begin school. Preschool […]

Is the Preschool Curriculum Trend Good or Bad?

Children absorb so much information when they are young. Their brains are malleable and absorb information like sponges. Every experience, behavior, or skill they learn will enrich their futures. The preschool curriculum is about refining and shaping your child and making them the best people they can be. What is the preschool curriculum all about? […]

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