Why Science Should Be Included A Preschool Program

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Did you know that a child can ask as many as 300 questions a day? By nature, children are naturally curious and many answers to these questions are science-related! For a preschooler, science is about finding out how the world works. Including science in a preschool program is a fun way for them to learn more about it.

In fact, science answers many questions that children have. Questions like, “why do my toys float in the bathtub?” Or, “where does the sun go at the end of the day?” Science expands on our knowledge and understanding of the way the world works and for young children, they have this natural curiosity to explore the world of science.

Here are some of the reasons why science should be included in preschool programs:

Your Child Is More Likely To Follow A Career In The STEM Fields If Exposed Early

An early childhood educator like a preschool teacher has a greater impact on your child when it comes to seeking out a career in science.

By creating a fun, interactive learning environment in the classroom, you’re creating a great learning experience for your child. This positive experience will influence them through school and motivate them to explore more on their own.

Most Jobs Will Require STEM Subjects

It’s estimated that many jobs in the future will revolve around the STEM subjects. Teaching science at an early age gives young children a learning advantage later on.

Science Helps Children Develop Useful Skills That Can Be Applied To Other Areas Of Their Lives

In science, most of the results are not immediate, you will often have to wait for the results. This will allow your child to learn patience and give them the tools to use this in other areas such as when playing in a group. Science also has the ability to expand your child’s vocabulary skills, imagine your preschooler coming home to tell you that your curtains are opaque and that they learned what opaque was because they did a science experiment with bubbles in class, which are transparent!

Science Develops A Different Way Of Thinking

Science encourages a different way of thinking. For example, science requires you to come up with a hypothesis, test it, and document the results. This inhibits critical thinking skills that children can then apply to other experiences.

How You Can Help Teach Your Child Science At Home

There are many things a parent can do to enhance their preschooler’s fascination with science at home.

  • Take your child to science centers and children’s museums;
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask your child to help you research so you can come up with an answer together.
  • Asking your child to think about what is happening and why. For example, why does the candle continue to burn even though it is getting smaller?
  • Try doing fun science experiments with them at home!

Science is very important in our daily lives. It answers questions like, why do plants need sunlight? Or, why the sky is blue? Preschoolers have many questions that can be answered with science that will help them to understand the world around them. It’s important to develop their interest in science and to instill the curiosity to never stop asking questions!

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