Infant Education Is Fundamental For Success

Infant Education

Up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens during the first five years of their lives. This makes preschool and pre-K incredibly important as it lays the foundation for learning and success later on.

The way your child progresses and learns during this time will, to a large extent, determine their success later in life, which is why it is a top priority at Parkland Children’s Academy to provide the best quality of preschool learning possible.

What Is Infant Education?

Early childhood education is described as high-quality programs aimed towards children up to the age of 8 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children – the biggest advocacy organization dedicated to early childhood learning. Many states are focusing early-education strategies on preschool and pre-K children, which is known as infant education.

What Does High-Quality Infant Education Look Like?

High-quality infant education can have many forms, but will all have the same core components:

  1. A curriculum that matches each stage of child development.

    At Parkland Children’s Academy, we are sure to use only age-appropriate activities, introducing new experiences and allowing your child to begin solving problems and developing mentally.
  2. A safe and stimulating environment.

    We use Jonti-Craft furniture, which is the strongest and safest in the industry, as well as toxin-free, anti-bacterial rubber materials on our playgrounds to decrease bumps and bruises.
  3. Teachers with the correct credentials.

    On top of the mandatory degree in education, all of our staff members are also trained in CPR and certified in First Aid.
  4. A low adult-to-child ratio.

    There are many reasons why the teacher-child ratio is important. so we have been careful to maintain small class sizes in order to give your child as much individual attention they need.
  5. Open communication between parents and teachers.

    Parent-teacher conferences and progress portfolios are just a few of the ways we keep communication channels open at Parkland Children’s Academy.

Why Is Infant Education Important?

Brain development is tightly linked to the child’s experiences and surroundings. Positive early-education experiences lead to an increased chance of school and college success, greater proficiency in and understanding of mathematical and languages, increased social and cognitive skills, and better self-regulation behaviors. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has also found a link between high-quality early-education and a decreased chance of involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Poor quality infant education results in an increased risk of children experiencing negative outcomes.

Benefits Of Infant Education Include:

  • Academic Success

    Children involved in early-education are less likely to have to repeat a grade or be put in special education classes since issues can be identified and helped with earlier.

  • Better Social Adjustment

    Infant education provides your child with the opportunity to build social skills and learn how to interact with others around them. Children are able to learn about compassion and empathy by imitating the behavior of their classmates; learning the difference between good and bad social behaviors.

  • Social and Economic Impact on The Country

    Poor or delayed development due to a lack of early education has been shown to result in poor productivity in the workplace – years and years later. By investing in good infant education, we simultaneously invest in the people who will one day run the country.

Because we know how important these developmental years are, we strive to maintain the highest quality early-education possible, while still keeping things fun and interesting for your child. If you want to enroll your child in a preschool that will give them the best infant education – contact us now on 954-688-5877 to find out more about why Parkland Children’s Academy is the perfect choice for your family.

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