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High-Quality Pre-K Programs: Why We Need Them & What They Look Like

The age of four to five years old is such an exciting time in your child’s life. This is when they start mastering the art of running, hopping, kicking a ball, throwing, swinging, and climbing and also start showing signs of becoming independent, self-confident and creative. At this age, their attention span increases and they […]

Infant Child Care: Understanding Your Infant’s Developmental Areas

A child’s emotional, social and physical development is largely dependent on the first couple of years, and even months of their lives. Their later childhood, teenage and adult years will be largely dependent on what the young mind and body are exposed to in infant child care. In particular, an infant’s first year of life […]

Infant Education Is Fundamental For Success

Up to 90% of a child’s brain development happens during the first five years of their lives. This makes preschool and pre-K incredibly important as it lays the foundation for learning and success later on. The way your child progresses and learns during this time will, to a large extent, determine their success later in […]

Why Science Should Be Included A Preschool Program

Did you know that a child can ask as many as 300 questions a day? By nature, children are naturally curious and many answers to these questions are science-related! For a preschooler, science is about finding out how the world works. Including science in a preschool program is a fun way for them to learn […]

Fun, Holiday-Themed Preschool Activities

The holiday season is the ideal time to teach young learners about important celebrations while creating corresponding activities to help them develop in their learning journey. The following five fun preschool activities will help children learn fine motor skills, counting, and how to get into the holiday spirit. Turkey Math Mat This activity is designed […]

Fun & Creative Learning At Infant Daycare

As children age and develop, they go through many different stages requiring different kinds of stimulation and learning. When we think of preschoolers and children in kindergarten, the phrase ‘fun learning’ is easy to describe: we think of arts and crafts, basic science experiments, and a fair amount of input from the child. Learning is […]

Choosing The Right After School Care For Your Child

Many children spend a large part of their days away from their parents. Parents have to rely on educators to help guide their children through the various stages of their development. This is why finding the right after school care for your child is as important as choosing the correct school for their educational development. […]

Preschool Activities That Get Your Preschooler Excited To Learn Colors

Learning how to differentiate between colors may not seem like a crucial task, but this skill will later develop into letter recognition, sight word recognition, and other higher-level sorting techniques. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we handle introducing colors in much the same way as we handle other subjects – lots of exposure in as many […]

Benefits Of A Good VPK Program

Florida has many perks for raising your family, whether you’re a permanent resident or a military family stationed here temporarily. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of a Parkland Academy VPK program to promote the development of your preschooler in a safe, engaging, and dynamic classroom. What is A VPK Program? VPK is […]

Helping Your Toddler Get Ready For Daycare

Transitioning from home to a structured daycare can be a challenging time in a toddler’s development. The new caregivers, routine, and learning environment can be overwhelming, but there are ways to help young children prepare for the changes ahead. Here are three tips to help make transitioning to preschool easier and to help make the […]

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