Easy Halloween Crafts For Preschool Children


It’s that time of the year again, which means it’s time to pull out some fun, easy, and educational crafts for preschool children and toddlers.

One of the reasons we love crafts with little ones is the massive benefits that go along with getting those creative juices and tiny fingers flowing. Below are some of our favorite craft ideas that are easy to prepare, educational, and themed perfectly for a wonderfully spooky time!

1. Candy Corn Collages

Making collages is a fun and easy way to keep children busy. These candy corn collages are seasonal and fun and will get their digestive juices stirring for their candy collection coming soon!

All you need to do is to print out a candy corn outline for each kid. There are an array of different options on a simple Google search. Give the kids some yellow, orange, and white paper to tear up. You could keep it interesting by using other bits of paper, card, or tissue to get different textures involved too. This sensory stimulation will also tick the boxes of busy toddlers and preschoolers.

Show them where to stick their colors, and let them have fun creating something awesome to take home!

Tip: Give your candy corn life by drawing some eyes on them once they’re done!

2. Foot Or Hand Print Ghosts

Gather the tiny feet and hands, clean them, and prepare them to dip into white paint for this one. Lay some paper or cards out for each kid and let them make a foot or handprint on the card. White hand or footprints on orange-colored paper is a classic for Halloween.

Once the paint has dried, draw some eyes and a ghost mouth onto the white feet and hand prints to create the picture of a ghost! You can also write something fun on it, like, “Trick or treat, smell my feet!”

Tell the kids to pop these on their doors when all the trick-or-treaters come looking for their candy!

3. Scissor Skill Portraits

Preschoolers or toddlers can practice their scissors skills by creating a picture with cut-out bits of colored paper. The idea here is to choose a face of something and then cut the bits of paper into the shapes you need to make a portrait of the face on a paper plate.

Children can choose to do the face of someone they love, or the face of a pet, or anything they want! The rigid shapes and funny cuts will give the picture an abstract and spooky look! Use interesting colors and even paper that has different patterns on it to make it super fun.

4. Halloween Themed Coloring Pages

This might seem like an obvious one but never underestimate a themed coloring page for small children. Get their creative juices flowing with different colors or paints, and even maybe a little bit of glitter here and there too. The coloring-in will be helpful for fine motor skills development, as well as the skill of coloring inside or near the outline of the picture.

Many websites have free downloadable themed coloring pages to print.

5. Spider Web Paper Plates

First, you will need to paint your paper plates black for the effect to work well with white or cream-colored string. Punch some holes around the rim of the plates using a paper punch. Once your plate is ready, cut out some spider shapes on different colored pieces of paper.

Now that the craft is prepped give a spider, a plate, and a piece of string to each preschooler. All they need to do to create their spider plate is thread the white string across and through the holes on the rim of the paper plate – creating what looks like an amazing spider web!

 Finish it off by tying the strands together at the back of the plate then glue the spider onto an area of string. And voila! We have a spiderweb paper plate!

6. Funky Decorated Hands

Get children to outline their hands on a piece of paper all the way down to their elbows. Then, put a whole bunch of interesting bits and bobs on the table with some glue. Think of plants, small stones, sand, different types of fabrics, crafty bits and pieces, stickers, and more. If you can think of it, then put it on the table.

Once the kids have finished drawing their arm outline, get them to start painting it a funky color or two. Once painted and dried, get the kids to start pasting some of the funky textures onto the arm. They could even cut out some long sharp nails for the hand.

Inspire them to get creative and make something mind-blowing! This arm could be from any creature… which creature is theirs? Imaginative play is great for preschool age children. They learn from books, but they also learn from coming up with their own unique story. Ask each of them to explain why their hand looks like it does, who it belongs to, and what the story is behind each one. This is an educational craft that could inspire the next generation of authors!

7. Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls

All you need for this craft are a bunch of toilet rolls, some paints, and bits of paper or fabric to create your toilet roll character. Inspire children to get creative and think of what they’d like to make. Then give it a personality by putting on some googly eye stickers, and making a face.

It’s easy to have fun and get super creative with this toilet paper craft, and what’s even better is you can reuse the idea for different themes and times of the year.

For Halloween, consider some of these:

  • Wrap bits of tissue around the toilet roll to make a mummy!
  • Paint the toilet roll green, and then add some black marker details to make your Frankenstein.
  • Paint or cover the toilet roll in orange and then use paint, a black marker, or bits of black paper to make a pumpkin face.
  • To make a vampire, put some teeth on the smile, and add a red cloak.
sy zee
sy zee
Stacy is simply the best!! We just adore the way she is; both as a person and as an early childhood developmental specialist. I highly recommend Parkland Children’s Academy to all my friends and family in need of responsible and caring children’s preschool services.
Jamie Celcis
Jamie Celcis
Where to Begin..... One of the most amazing schools I’ve ever dealt with (and I’ve dealt with a lot) it’s been a tough road trying to find a school that excepts children with ( severe autism ) we’ve been kicked out and discriminated on! But when I came across Parklands children academy I was in tears about how I’ve been treated by other schools and they made me feel so at home and like family .... I can’t express the gratitude for all the love they show my kids and support.... if your looking for a school to trust with your children it’s them! They’ll treat them like their own and I couldn’t be more grateful 💜 And Danielle the owner and her mom are such Angels 😇 Thank you ladies for your services and kind hearts and understanding for my situation ❤️🧡💛💚
I am leaving this review a bit late, however, due to the feedback I got recently at a PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) for my son, who is in Kindergarten, I wanted to leave a review. The teacher of our son, said that he was exceptionally prepared for Kindergarten and that PCA consistently produces the most prepared students from VPK>K. This is coming from one of the better schools in Broward. I am surprised to see negative reviews about Miss Donna and staff. They are warm, loving people who, when my son and I recently ran into her at a local store (Hobby Lobby) he ran up to her and hugged her and told her he missed her. I cannot say enough about the school and my wife and I are about to have our 2nd child and will enroll them in the "baby school" (as they call it) which is a secondary location right near the main school. 5 stars. FYI, any negative reviews are likely from spoiled "Parkland" people who think way too much of themselves and not enough about their kids education...…
Cari Tramontano
Cari Tramontano
This school is fantastic! I had my kids (2&5) at another daycare in the beginning, then I had friends telling me how amazing Parkland Children's Academy was and how much their kids were learning already, so my husband and I decided to move them over to this school and it was the best decision we could have made! Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Danielle are fantastic to work with in the front and they will walk you through everything they do with the children! My kids have been learning so much and actually get upset when its pickup time!! That was a sign I knew it was the right move. We love this school and everything that our children are learning! Did I mention how clean and organized they are too! If you are looking for a daycare/VPK program, THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL!! We love PCA!!
Natassia Montagna
Natassia Montagna
My daughter has attended Parkland Children's Academy for almost a year now. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing there. My daughter loves going to school every day. They do so many arts and crafts projects and they are super creative. My daughter started attending at 3 mo old and they were always very on top of her schedule for feedings, naps, diaper changes, medicine, etc. I trust my child with these amazing teachers 100%. My daughter is always happy when I take her to school and happy when I pick her up. I have recommended Parkland Academy to all my friends and some of them attend here also and they absolutely love it.
Richard Nieves
Richard Nieves
My wife and I have been taking our daughter to PCA for almost a year now and she absolutely loves it. There are some days where she does not want to leave. The teachers are so amazing with the kids; doing arts and crafts, circle time with music and songs and weekly themes that help them learn and interact with one another. These teachers care for these kids as if they were their own. Any negative review for PCA should not be taken to heart, especially when it comes from someone that was there for all of five minutes. These teachers are amazing. This school is amazing. We have not had one bad experience and highly recommended this school to other parents because we believe in PCA. If you have toured other schools, you will know that PCA raises the bar as far as quality goes. It’s clean, safe and filled with amazing teachers and kids. We love you PCA and we love the amazing infant/toddler room!!
Simone Maxwell
Simone Maxwell
My daughter has been attending PCA for the past four months. I went to several daycares before selecting PCA. First off- the facilities are very clean, secure and the staff is wonderful. She’s my firstborn and I’m overly protective, so I would never leave her in a facility where she’s unhappy. She doesn’t even say bye to myself or her dad when we drop her off because she’s content. She’s well taken care of, happy and learning new things. I was nervous initially and emailed all the time, I always got a response that calmed me down. Plus with the security features, I could always see what’s happening on the cameras. Normally, I don’t write reviews but I’m very disheartened by the disparaging comments below. These are people’s livelihoods & children, so we have to be careful what we post online, especially when it’s assumptions or conclusions drawn (in this case-during a tour )without all the facts. Keep up the good work Dalea, Stacy, Elizabeth & PCA owners!

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