The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities For Your Child


Extracurricular activities offer many benefits for your child and their options for developing hobbies and interests. By doing things like playing a sport or joining a club, the benefits of extracurricular activities will continue to expand as they get older.

Examples of Extracurricular Activities​​​​​​

Around the age of five, your child will have the chance to begin getting involved in various extracurricular activities. Many of these activities are offered by schools and community organizations. Some common activity options for different age groups include

  • Academic competitions like science fairs and spelling bees
  • Clubs related to specific interests, like poetry and photography
  • Performing and visual arts like music and theater
  • Self-defense like karate and martial arts
  • Sports like soccer and baseball
  • Student organizations like Associated Students or Student Council
  • Student publications like a newspaper or magazine

There are even more extracurricular activities your child can get involved in. Check with community organizations you are familiar with, such as churches or scouts groups, for more options.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities​​​​​​

Depending on the physical nature of the activity/activities your child becomes involved in, there can be physical health benefits, and some activities that do not offer as much physical activity have several mental benefits.

Physical Health Benefits​​​​​​

We all know exercise is essential to leading a healthy life. Allowing your child to participate in physically engaging hobbies that they enjoy will teach them the importance of exercise at a young age and motivate them to exercise later in life, too. This viewpoint will make them more likely to continue to prioritize exercise throughout the rest of their life

Additionally, staying physically active will decrease their risk of obesity and complications associated with it and make them less likely to have low bone density or become depressed

Mental Health Benefits​​​​​​

Mental health in early learning years is extremely important since actions are driven by emotions at those ages. Staying physically, mentally, and socially engaged will decrease the likelihood of your child experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. They are also likely to spend less of their free time on screens and be more optimistic and more satisfied with life than their peers who engage in more screen time

Social Benefits​​​​​​

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in your child’s social development. Their involvement in groups, clubs, and teams allows them to learn how to cooperate with others and develop leadership skills. It also gives them opportunities to make friends and socialize in healthy ways

Depending on the organization, your child will get to bond with others who are part of the same cultural background, or they may be in a diverse group that will help them appreciate differences and similarities

Personal Benefits​​​​​​

One of the most common benefits of extracurricular activities is improved self-esteem. Understanding and nourishing their passions and talents give them a more secure sense of self and what they want to do in life. Pursuing those activities can also help them in college and in their career

Being involved in extracurricular activities will help your child understand the importance of persistence and develop time management skills, structure, and routine.

Extracurricular Activities At Parkland Children’s Academy​​​​​​

Parkland Children’s Academy in Parkland, Florida, offers an after-school program that provides various daily extracurricular activities, opportunities for help completing homework assignments, and a hands-on curriculum that teaches various subjects in a fun way.

We also provide snacks and outdoor play equipment in our secure environment. A bus service operates to take your child to our academy after school. 

We have a virtual tour for you to enjoy so you can see what makes Parkland Children’s Academy the best choice for your child.

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