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A Child Academy Teaching a Love of Reading

Reading to your child is one of the most beneficial activities for both you and your child. As a nurturing child academy who focus on ‘early education’ of children, Parkland Children’s Academy strongly encourages children to engage in literature from a young age to improve their literacy and language skills. To make this activity one […]

Finding the best Summer Camp for your pre-schooler

More than just campfire songs and roasted marshmallows, summer camps provide both important life lessons for your child as well as lifelong memories. Summer camp is also a helpful tool for parents who find themselves at a loss to know how to entertain their children over the school vacation. Choosing the right camp for your […]

Children’s Academy Earth Day Activities

With Earth day happening this month, Parkland Children’s Academy once again feels the need to convey just how important it is for children to learn about environmental issues from a young age. Our children are growing up in a world where this issue is ever more pressing, and by teaching to these issues from a […]

Is Your Preschool Providing a Clean Environment?

Given that spring is upon us, this is a good time to consider the idea of cleanliness not just in your home, but in the sphere of your preschool provider as well. You are in control of how clean your home is, but you want to know that wherever your child is spending the rest […]

Social Skills at Preschool

Social Skills of a Child is Linked to Their Learning Ability and Should be Monitored as Early as Preschool. There are certain processes and influences that a child experiences to prepare him or her for preschool. Then, there are steps that a child goes through during their school life that prepares them for graduation and […]

Kindergarten Reading Readiness

The Best Preschool Curriculum is Not only Found at Preschool – It also Begins at Home. THE BEGINNING When it’s time to send the little one off to kindergarten, it is generally expected, especially from the future teachers of these children, that the child has had some exposure to reading already. Though this may be […]

Avoid the Fidget with Preschool Providers Who Know Best

Licensed Preschool Providers Can Fix Fidgeting Fidgeting A higher percentage of kids are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, now than ever before. It is becoming such an issue that licensed preschool providers are having find ways to combat the effects of long school days on children. Over the past decades, recess […]

The Safe Preschool Approach to Punishment

How Safe Preschools Should Punish Students What does punishment do? When a child does something wrong, they must be punished. Right? Maybe not. Parkland Children’s Academy feels the same way with their safe preschool approach. Research done by Alan Kazdin, PhD, and his colleagues at the Yale Parenting Center has shown that negative types of […]

Raising Intelligence

New Study to Influence Best Preschool Choices When deciding on the best preschool to send your child to, you may want to consider, above all else, the ability of its staff to identify your child’s raw skills – his or future field of expertise. It seems that science has come up with an answer to […]

Affording Expectations

It is Possible to Find an Affordable Preschool for Your Child As parents, we all need to consider the affordability of preschool education, we want to provide our children with the best quality education at a foundation level but also need to consider that whatever we’re spending now will mean that we are able to […]

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