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Affording Expectations

It is Possible to Find an Affordable Preschool for Your Child As parents, we all need to consider the affordability of preschool education, we want to provide our children with the best quality education at a foundation level but also need to consider that whatever we’re spending now will mean that we are able to […]

Screentime Savvy

Preschool Care, Toddlers, and Technology With preschool care centres closing over winter break, and the holiday season fast approaching, many parents of young children are grappling with the same stress-inducing question: what is an appropriate gift to give my child these holidays? While you might be tempted by the offerings of the tech industry, perhaps […]

A Universal Holiday Spirit

Celebrating Diversity at Preschools in Parkland During the month of December, a number of religious and cultural holidays are celebrated by families across the country. This presents an ideal opportunity for preschools in Parkland to teach preschoolers about the importance of respecting different cultures and celebrating diversity. Tolerance for Toddlers Teaching children about various cultural […]

Strike the Balance

Preschool Providers Provide the Balance Licensed preschool providers offer many benefits for the development of your child. One that is often overlooked and underestimated is the balance between a child’s academics and playtime. Schoolwork should not become too intense, especially not at a young age. With that being said, playtime should also not consume a […]

Is your Child Kindergarten Ready?

Don’t Let Preschool Prices put You off Having Children Even though many people plan carefully when they decide to have a child, preschool prices are rarely the top thought in their minds. A tiny baby does not need as much as we think it does, healthy caring parents, love and affection, nourishment and warm cuddling, […]

Let’s Talk Sensory Processing Disorder

Addressing the High Percentage of SPD at Preschool Centers The challenges that teachers at preschool centers are facing today are increasing with the discovery that a high percentage of children are suffering from sensory processing disorder (SPD). This condition was originally called sensory integration dysfunction (SID). Sensory integration was defined by occupational therapist Anna Jean […]

Crossing the Midline Crisis

Preschool Centers Identify Learning Difficulties at the Early Stages The children who are in preschool centers today are the people who will be providing solutions for our world in the future. Technology and science have enabled us to process so much more information at an exponential rate and it is of extremely important that we […]

Behavior Management Strategies in Preschool

Children’s Academy Talks Disciplinary Strategies At Parkland Children’s Academy, we work together with parents to tackle common behavioral challenges. Discipline is a form of teaching, and it’s vital for children to learn the differences between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors from an early age. However, discipline must take different forms for different age groups, and needn’t […]

Understanding the Different Stages of Child Development

Preschool Providers Talk Developmental Milestones Psychologists and educationists have provided a wealth of studies over the years, helping us to better understand the stages of childhood development. Preschool providers must take these theories into account, and apply them to our educational practices at school. What is Childhood Development? It may seem like a stupid question […]

Getting Organized for Preschool

Eliminate School Stress Through Being Organized We as parents have had our own experiences of school, and memories of these possibly traumatic times will surface when it’s time for our little ones to go to preschool. Getting organized helps to smooth the process for everyone. Small children thrive on routine as it allows them to […]

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