Crossing the Midline Crisis

preschool-centerPreschool Centers Identify Learning Difficulties at the Early Stages

The children who are in preschool centers today are the people who will be providing solutions for our world in the future. Technology and science have enabled us to process so much more information at an exponential rate and it is of extremely important that we recognize the connection between our bodies and our brains. Children who are allowed and encouraged to develop their motor skills through play will have a definite advantage in later life.

In today’s busy world, with its fast pace and emphasis on high achievement, many parents do not realize the importance of simple play with their children. Your preschool center provides the essential play that is so vital for normal healthy development.

One natural milestone that many children are having difficulty with, is crossing the midline. Basically, this is the ability to move one side of the body over the center of the body, to the other side. This ability usually starts with crawling as we learn a left over right movement with our arms. Due to modern lifestyles, many children have not had the opportunity to develop naturally. It has been established that children who have difficulties with higher learning, often cannot cross the midline.

The right and the left sides of the brain have different functions. Very simply, the right side connects with the left brain which is analytical, logical, deals with numbers, math, scientific skills, and written and spoken language. The left side connects with the right brain which is creative, intuitive, synthesizing, emotional and deals with music, art, 3d shapes, and face recognition. A child who can integrate their right and left sides well, will have an easier time learning new skills. Children are expected to establish dominance on one side by a certain age, and if they do not, they will experience difficulties in learning, especially with reading and writing. Children who cannot cross the midline may have problems with attention, listening skills, following instructions, and fine motor skills.

We have now realized that simple physical exercises can greatly improve this situation. At preschool we emphasize these activities and encourage parents to do exercises with children at home too. These purposeful movements and brain building exercises are very specific and connect the body with the brain. Even if your child is very active and athletic, they may not have learned to cross the midline. Help your child in a fun way. Children who are confident in their bodies will find learning fun and exciting, rather than stressful.

Preschool centers are the first place where learning disabilities are discovered. This is the time when learning readiness is taught and encouraged. Children come from different backgrounds and when they come to school, the experienced teacher will quickly identify where children have not developed according to the usual milestones. The preschool provides an atmosphere where children are not pressurized to compete, and the core abilities that will help them to learn in their own unique ways can be strengthened. For more information about how Parklands Children’s Academy helps your child grow and develop, contact us today.

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