Potty Training at Your Preschool Center

Your Preschool Center Can Help With Potty Training

preschool centerPotty training can be challenging, but parents should know that your child’s preschool center is here to help. At the Parkland Children’s Academy, we work with parents to put your potty training methods to work while the child is under our care.

We understand that when you are in the middle of potty training your toddler, it can be a rough transition going to a preschool un-potty trained. That is why most preschool centers will work with you; employing your potty training strategies and helping you achieve a diaper-free existence.

At the Parkland Children’s Academy, our preschool center will help get your child ready to begin potty training. Before jumping right in, we will help you ensure that your child is capable of doing the necessary parts of going potty, from being able to pull his or her pants down, pull them up, flush a toilet and pull off toilet paper.

Being around other potty-trained children at the preschool center is a great place for your son or daughter to start. After letting a child who is potty-trained go first, we can encourage your son or daughter to try to go potty. Often when children are around peers who are going potty by themselves, they are more inclined to try it.

Most preschool centers are equipped with smaller toilets, allowing the children to sit on the potty without the need for a stool or for any type of insert to be placed on a full-sized toilet. Your children will be able to sit on the potty without the need for assistance.

If you are using a specific type of reward system at home, that is something that we can put into practice at preschool centers as well. For example, if every time your child uses the potty, he or she receives a sticker on a chart, we can use the same type of chart and same type of sticker rewards at preschool.

We can also help you with the timing involved with your potty training. If you are taking your child to the potty every 30 minutes while potty training, we can employ the same time frame at the preschool center in order to keep consistent with your plan.

Potty training your child can be difficult. We don’t want having your child go to preschool centers to undo all of the hard work you have accomplished with your little one. Instead, preschool centers, such as the Parkland Children’s Academy, can be a valuable tool in helping your child become potty trained.

From being around potty-trained peers, to teaching your children the basics they need before potty-training, to continuing your reward system and interval trips to the bathroom, preschool can actually be a valuable resource to you for potty training your child. Let us help your child achieve this important step!

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