What is Florida Early Learning?

Florida Early Learning

Florida Early Learning is part of the Florida Department of Education, and is aimed at making early learning more accessible, reachable and quality-filled, for Florida’s children. Florida Early Learning is like an umbrella that helps manage and protect all the care givers of the state, making sure that no family nor child is left without quality early education.

Why Do I Need To Know About Florida Early Learning?

You need to get clued up about Florida Early Learning, as it will help you to find the best in early childhood education for your children. As it is part of the Florida Department of Education, you will get practical, expert guidance on how to choose the best kindergarten for your child, get more information on the VPK program, learn how to sign up for this, and know who is listed as a child care provider on the Florida Early Learning database. Florida Early Learning also provides information as to what struggling families with kindergarten-aged children can do to ensure their child receives early childhood education regardless of the families’ income. Every county in the state has a local coalition that you can get more information from. The local coalition will have information about various early education resources, applications for school readiness programs, and the VPK Program.

The Vpk (Voluntary Prekindergarten Program)

One of the most important programs that Florida Early Learning runs is the VPK program. The VPK Program is a voluntary program and is open to all kindergarteners aged 4. The prerequisites are that your child must reside in the state of Florida and must be 4 years old on or before September 1. If your child turns 4 before September 1, it is recommended to wait for the following school year to enroll your child in the program. This program is important for your child as it is a great way to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond and equips him or her with the skills needed to start kindergarten and preschool. The VPK program teaches skills such as physical and cognitive development, social skills, and literacy.

How To Apply For The Vpk Program

The program is completely free, though you will need to prove that your child is 4 years old. You will also need an email address and proof that you are a resident of Florida. Application can be done online from a computer, tablet or a smartphone. You will then receive a Certificate of Eligibility if you are approved, and you can take this certificate to any of the VPK providers in your area.

What Else Should I Know About Florida Early Learning?

Florida Early Learning is the best early learning support structure in the state of Florida. It can help you as a parent find out more about resources that you may need. The Child Care Resources and Referral Services offers help and guidance to parents whom are looking to enroll their child in quality child care, obtain housing assistance, food and medical care, support in the workforce as well as financial assistance, if you are in need of this – all these factors are in the best interests of the child, so as to ensure your child gets the best start in education available to them. The school readiness program may also be of help to you, providing your child with the skills needed to be ready for school, while you may be attending a training workshop or an educational course.

Florida Early Learning is thus a very important tool that you need to make use of to ensure your child gets the best start in life. If you feel that you need more information about your child’s early education, consult Parkland Children’s Academy, who can help you navigate your way through the journey.

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