The Marks Of A Quality Pre-K Program

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Choosing a Pre-K Program for your child can feel overwhelming. There are many aspects and options to consider and getting the right match for your child can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that there are five simple questions that you can use to assess the quality of a Pre-K Program. These guiding questions will help you figure out how well your child will fit in before you make the decision.

1. What Are Others Saying?

A good way to get a feel for a Pre-K Program is to find out what others are saying about it. Chatting to current, or past parents, will quickly give you helpful insight into their experience with the program. Browsing social media groups that are aimed at families with young children can also be a good source of information.

Online reviews can be helpful to give you the information you need to make your choice. As you listen to what people have to say, you’ll soon notice a trend emerge in amongst a variety of opinions. Pay attention to the general feel, rather than homing in any single comment or review.

2. What Kind Of Environment Does The Pre-K Program Have?

For many children, preschool is the first step away from the familiar security of home. The transition to age-appropriate independence is far more successful in a warm, loving environment. A school that offers a co-operative parent-teacher relationship will go a long way toward making the transition much easier for the child and the parents too.

To get an unscripted insight into the Pre-K Programs environment, pop in for a visit during school hours. You’ll soon get an accurate feel for how the teachers and children interact and whether the classrooms feel safe, nurturing and fun.

3. The Teacher Test

A teacher that is caring, qualified and passionate will make a lasting impression on your child’s life. An exceptional teaching staff can do more for a child than the most up-to-date technology and excellent facilities can.

What Makes A Teacher Exceptional?

  • How they speak to the children. An exceptional teacher is both kind and respectful in their dealing’s children of all ages.
  • A teacher who takes individual interest in each student and their success.
  • An exceptional teacher is experienced, dedicated and passionate.
  • Contagious enthusiasm in a teacher can instill a life-long love of learning in a child.
  • Creativity in a teacher will provoke your child to discover their own creativity.
  • Exceptional teachers are flexible and willing to adapt.
  • A sense of humor is absolutely vital when working young children.
  • Great communication skills.
  • A warm, loving personality is key to an exceptional Pre-K teacher.

4. Is The Focus On Active Or Passive Learning?

Young children are wired to learn by doing and experiencing, not just through hearing. This means that most of what they learn is absorbed through playing, during which they investigate and discover. A curriculum that is designed around activities that provoke interest, engage minds and get hands dirty is the perfect way to harness and grow hungry young minds.

A focus on active learning is a clear sign of a high-quality preschool.

Active learning includes plenty of reading time, arts and crafts, dance, nature, music, playing outside … all things that are important for the holistic development of young children. The joy of learning and a love of school starts early and can flourish in the right environment.

5. Are The Facilities Suited to Children?

The campus itself will influence your decision significantly. So, what does it mean to have a child friendly facility?

  • Safe facilities with sufficient security measures and staff that are trained to meet emergencies with a quick response.
  • Constantly evolving facilities that provide stimulation and plenty opportunity to explore, grow and learn.
  • The availability of technology as a learning tool, but also a moderated use thereof.
  • Well-equipped and monitored outdoor play area that offers ample time in the natural world.

Pre-K Program At Parkland Children’s Academy

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