Summer Preschool Activities And The Importance Of Being Outdoors

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Summer is a fun and relaxing time of year for children with school being out for several weeks. However, it can be a difficult time for parents as they struggle to find ways to keep their children entertained. There are a variety of preschool activities available in South Florida that can help keep children busy and active over the summer break.

Why Are Summer Activities Important?

Summer camps and programs are important because they help to ensure that children’s minds are kept active over the summer months. This is to preserve all the good work that is done by schools during the rest of the year and also helps to avoid the “brain dump” that can occur when a child is out of school. Summer preschool activities help to ensure that children return to school ready for fall learning.

Keeping your child active over the summer is also possible when you register them in a summer program. The world’s technology is constantly evolving and big parts of our children’s lives now revolve around computer screens. We often forget the importance of physical activity – summer programs can help children play a sport and get active which is an important part of being healthy. Summer activities also have other benefits such as helping children explore other interests and building confidence. Lastly, and very importantly, they are a good way of ensuring that children enjoy the summer months.

What Activities Are Available?

  • Summer Reading Sessions

    Summer reading sessions are educational activities which help children improve and maintain their reading levels. They may be executed in different ways but a common example is at summer camp where children have supervised time dedicated to reading books. This is not only educational but it may also be a way for children to explore new interests by reading about them. Summer reading sessions can also often be found at your local library.

  • Summer Sports and Games

    Sports and games are probably the first thing that pops into many children’s minds when they think about summer. The importance of sports and games cannot be understated. Games such as kickball and activities such as swimming have a number of benefits. These include improving social skills, being part of a team, and providing a platform for children to move around, be active and be healthy in a fun way.

  • Painting

    Painting is another one of those underrated summer activities which can really help children stay mentally sharp over the summer. It’s interesting to note that today’s children (even preschoolers) are under pressure and can experience stress. Painting is an activity which has been shown to help people de-stress, explore their emotions and learn about art. Also, what child doesn’t love making a mess?

  • Field Trips

    Summer camps or programs often go on field trips. These include various places which may be educational such as Museums, Science Centers or active such as Sports Facilities or simply a lot of fun such as Chuck E. Cheese. Field trips are a great way of keeping children educated and active and ensuring they are making the most of their summer months.

Summer is a fun time for children – however it is important that they maintain their mental sharpness and stay physically active. Both of these can be easily accomplished by finding the summer activities that suit them.

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