The Importance Of A Preschool Center With A Focus On Learning

Preschool Center

There are many things to think about when you have a small child. While some parents think about a savings account for college, many don’t put the same emphasis on preschool (which will happen much sooner). Far from being a glorified daycare, the evidence of the emotional and educational benefits of early learning cannot be understated.

In what ways will a preschool center set your child on the path to succeed? Here are just a few:

Improved Emotional Development

Preschool is an ideal environment for learning basic people skills and coping mechanisms, since children will interact with a larger number of peers than they would typically encounter elsewhere. Of the many skills your child will learn, they will understand how to compromise, solve simple problems, explore their world with playtime, and develop confidence through cultivating a sense of self independent of their parents.

Advanced Readiness For School

Early education is about more than educational skills. Managing behavior is another important aspect of preschool, where your child will learn patience by taking turns with using certain toys, raising their hand to ask to use the restroom, and more. Following directions and learning to wait their turn for something are important life skills that will carry them far beyond the classroom (and let’s be honest: many adults struggle with those things!). A good preschool center will help your child come up with their own solutions and answers in a curated educational setting.

Improved Cognitive & Language Skills

Language skills are developed in a preschool center as children learn to express their feelings or needs with simple sentences. Your child’s teacher will help your child build a vocabulary through snack time, art projects, asking your child simple questions, singing songs, and other fun activities.

Enhanced Academics

Preschool is the appropriate age-level for pre-literacy and pre-math skills to be introduced to your child. Numbers and letters can be learned through songs, picture books, rhymes, and other games that make the learning process fun and accessible. When your teacher reads to your child (and when you do so at home), your child’s understanding of language skills, sequences, and listening comprehension continue to sharpen and grow. By putting puzzles together, your child will learn problem-solving skills by noticing how patterns work.

Improved Self-Confidence

The preschool age is a critical time when children are especially eager to do things on their own. From choosing their own clothes to making their own snacks, fostering independence is critical to developing a confident sense of self. Teachers help facilitate this by giving your child certain “jobs” to perform in the classroom.

How Early Childhood Educators Can Help

Your child’s teachers are especially equipped to help children develop and grow their cognitive skills. As a parent, you certainly spend time playing with and reading to your child, but teachers are able to slow down this process for a few hours at a time, which isn’t always possible for working parents. A preschool teacher will know many games or activities that help develop alphabet, writing, and numeric skills. The classroom has an ample number of materials to help facilitate this growth.

Choose The Right Preschool Center For Your Child

We understand that choosing the right preschool center is an important decision. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we provide a safe environment for fostering important skills that will guide your child through life. Not only do we help your child learn, but we also believe they should have fun doing it. That’s why we don’t just offer preschool, but also summer camps, aftercare for working parents, high standards for security, and a toxin-free playground. Our staff is certified in first aid and CPR, and every classroom is professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Because we are committed to safety, we also help prepare children for emergencies in an age-appropriate manner.

Located in Parkland, Florida, you can learn more by calling 954-688-5877, checking out The Parkland Children’s Academy Facebook page, or subscribing to our blog. We hope to see you and your child soon!

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