Preschool Games To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

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The holiday season of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are approaching and to get preschoolers in the spirit, here is a good list of preschool games for any child.

Decorate The Tree

This preschool activity will allow children to be creative and even get them thinking about their own Christmas tree decorating traditions at home.


  • Scissors
  • Green felt and other colorful felt
  • Glue (the best glue for felt includes tacky glue, hot glue, and fabric glue)


  1. Cut out a Christmas tree with the green felt.
  2. Cut out ornament shapes with other colorful felt choices.
  3. Allow the children to embellish the Christmas tree.
  4. For older preschoolers, instruct them on the number of ornaments they can place on the Christmas tree or let them roll a dice to decide the number of ornaments.

Christmas Bingo

This game will test the students’ knowledge on Christmas shapes and a preschool, like Parkland Children’s Academy, would have their students participating in fun, but educational games.


  • Online blank bingo template
  • Scissors
  • Red paper


  1. Find a blank bingo template online.
  2. Label it “Bingo” or “Christmas Bingo” at the top of the card.
  3. Copy and paste Christmas-themed shapes, like reindeers, fireplaces, candy canes, etc.) in different squares (make sure to include a free space in the middle of the bingo card).
  4. Print out the cards in colored ink.
  5. Now, use the scissors to cut out circles out of the red paper to mimic Rudolph’s nose.
  6. Pass out the Christmas bingo cards to the children.
  7. When you call out a Christmas-themed shape, instruct the preschoolers to cover the shape if it’s on their card.

Spin The Dreidel

This traditional Hanukkah game is great for educational purposes, but it is also a fun game.


  • Dreidels
  • Sorters, i.e., coins, marbles, beans
  • Dreidel signs


  1. Set the sorters in a bowl.
  2. Divide the children into small groups.
  3. Each preschooler will take turns spinning the dreidel and either putting in or taking from the bowl based on the meaning of the Hebrew letter.

Mancala Ball

This Kwanzaa preschool game tests the preschoolers’ color coordination abilities.


  • Laundry bins or baskets
  • Color cards
  • Different colored balls


  1. Label each bin or basket with colored cards that corresponds with a colored ball.
  2. Instruct children to score the correct colored ball into the corresponding colored card on the bin or basket.

Benefits Of Fun, Educational Games

These types of fun and educational games could be referred to as game-based learning. It allows students to navigate sections of games as a way of learning. Some games have been discovered to boost cognitive operations. Preschools, like Parkland Children’s Academy, strive to provide their students with an exciting and supportive environment, as well as fun and engaging holiday-themed activities, which is important for them to learn and develop as individuals.

Teachers put a lot of effort into the activities they have planned for each day and just as teachers can plan these activities, parents can too. Basic after-school activities can easily be turned into holiday-themed preschool games. Dress up games could be turned into children dressing up as reindeers, Santa Clause, or his little helpers, the elves.

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Finding educational and engaging preschool games, like holiday-themed games, are important activities in children’s learning for the holiday season and Parkland Children’s Academy offers that.

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