Quality VPK In Parkland

VPK in Parkland

Education is important and Parkland Children’s Academy offers an exceptional voluntary prekindergarten or VPK program. Looking for quality VPK in Parkland? Read on to discover why this VPK program is one of the best in Broward County.

What You Need To Know About Parkland’s VPK Program

Parkland Children’s Academy’s VPK program prepares children to make their first significant leap in the journey of their education. It helps to develop them in different ways, such as socially, physically, and cognitively.

Not only does this benefit children, but Parkland’s VPK program is sure to make parents happy knowing that their children are mentally and physically growing, but that this program is free for every child residing in South Florida.

VPK in Parkland prepares children in being the readiest that they can be for the classroom and any learning environment. The program is focused on offering engaging lessons that are age-appropriate, while simultaneously acquainting children with the kindergarten environment.

The program is presented to those who turn four years old on or prior to September 1st and mimics the length of a typical school year, which consists of 540 instructional hours or a summer session of 300 instructional hours.

Parkland Children’s Academy’s VPK does not have a class size larger than 20 children with a maximal teacher to child ratio, which consists of 1:11 to ensure children’s individual needs will be met. Also, Parkland’s VPK teachers are qualified professionals in children’s development.

What Does Parkland’s VPK Offer?

Parkland Children’s Academy offers a variety of educational courses ranging from pre-reading to social and language skills. This program can also help to identify children who are struggling with learning specific things and teachers can alert those parents, but also potentially aid parents in preparing their children in their future educational endeavors. Their early learning program aids in healthy child development.

Spotting learning difficulties in children early on can allow those children to start early tackling their problem areas, which will help to reduce stress levels of immersing into kindergarten. Parkland’s VPK will also guide children in gaining confidence in their abilities to interact and mingle with others, while developing their likeness for learning.

Valuable Skills That Will Be Achieved

Parkland’s free VPK program recognizes that four-year old children are less likely to sit still. They’re young and want to explore and have fun. VPK homes in on their playfulness, while allowing them to learn at the same time. Parkland puts a spotlight on literacy, cognitive development, social skills, and physical development.

When focusing on literacy, Parkland introduces books to the children, developing and improving their vocabulary and enunciation. Your child will practice learning the alphabet, listening to the way it sounds, and will learn how to spell their individual names.

With a focus on cognitive development, your child will discover the different shapes and colors, will work on pairing similar items, as well as practicing counting to ten. Children will gain basic knowledge of the seasons, ordering and categorization, contrasting and comparing, and learning how to problem solve.

For social skills, Parkland’s VPK advocates for children interacting with others, which is supervised, and work towards strengthening children’s social development. To do this, there will be a series of skill-building activities, like playing games, processing how to construct and follow rules, and practice their ability to negotiate with others when a dispute occurs.

Lastly, with a focus on physical development, VPK in Parkland will develop your child’s motor and coordination abilities. Not only will they play games with others, but they will increase their fitness and health. With an emphasis on age-appropriate games, children learn how to maneuver the world around them.

Interested In VPK In Parkland?

Parkland Children’s Academy offers a plethora of benefits in their free VPK program and pride themselves on their passion for healthy child development.

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