Keeping Your Children Out of Your Hair This Summer

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Preschool Centers: Entertaining Children This Summer Season

Are you desperate to find a way to keep your children out of your hair this summer? Preschool centers are the perfect option for your children over the summer break. From trying to plan a summer family vacation, to being stressed out with a heavy workload or project deadline at the office, or simply just needing a few moments to yourself – sending your child to a summer preschool center is a great solution for you.

Parkland Children’s Academy is open during the summer break, making it a great preschool center option for your children. It is a wonderful facility, with experienced and excellent teachers, making it a great place for your children to spend some time over the summer season.

Whether your child already attends preschool with us, or if your child is in grade school and will come visit us over the school break, we will welcome your little one with open arms. Here are some reasons why the Parkland Children’s Academy is a great way to keep your children out of your hair this summer:

  • We Offer Diverse Programs — We take pride in being partnered with the YMCA in Parkland. This fruitful partnership, in addition to being committed to reducing obesity in children, also means we introduce a number of activities that will keep your children busy through the summer. From cheerleading to basketball to soccer to fitness routines, we keep the kids active and teach the importance of exercise.
  • We are Committed to Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe — We know that a holiday flu or cold can really put a damper on the summer vacation activities that you may have planned. We are committed to keeping your child as healthy and as safe as possible. We have rubber flooring at our center that will not only reduce the number of bruises, but is resistant to bacteria. It is the same type of flooring used in some hospitals.
  • We Have the Cure For the Boredom Blues — Does your child love school? Do they enjoy being challenged and learning new things? Do they enjoy being surrounded by their peers and always having someone to play with? If this is the case, send them to our preschool center and we will ensure that they are kept occupied, happy and satisfied with many new and exciting activities over the summer vacation.
  • We Offer a Curriculum Geared to Specific Ages That Will Challenge Your Child – not only will our curriculum stimulate your child as per their needs and age but it will also provide a lot of fun moments. In addition, there will always be other children to play with at our preschool center, ensuring that your child does not get bored over the holidays.

Don’t hesitate to check out the Parkland Children’s Academy this season. We are the solution you are looking for if you want to send your child to a preschool center that will challenge them, be fun for them, keep them active and do its very best to keep them safe and healthy for you.

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