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What Should I Look For In a Summer Camp?

Summer camp is a great way to get your kids in a learning environment where they can have a ton of fun and be active. You should start thinking now about what you are looking for in your child’s potential summer camp and planning your summer schedule.

Fun Learning — At the Parkland Children’s Academy we want the children to always be expanding on their skills, whether it is working on social skills, communication skills or others. We believe that the early years are instrumental in childhood development and when children are given the opportunity to freely explore, discover, and create, they will be able to develop to their highest potential.

That is why we encourage play-based learning at the Parkland Children’s Academy during our summer day camp program. It is a great way to allow the children to pursue their own interests, but also encourage news skills. During day camp they will be encouraged to share, play independently, and also learn about teamwork.

Physical Activity — Children have a lot of energy and need to have an outlet for that energy while at summer camp. That is why the Parkland Children’s Academy has partnered with the YMCA to ensure there is no shortage of physical fun for the kids. From soccer and basketball to cheerleading and fitness routines, we teach your children how important it is to keep active and healthy.

Nutritious Food — You want to know that the summer camp you choose is going to provide your child with healthy and nutritious food that will give them all they need to maintain their energy throughout the day. At Parkland Children’s Academy we consult with a nutritionist to ensure our menu of daily hot lunches gives the children what they need. We also enjoy family-style eating for our lunches where we always encourage excellent table manners.

Safety Matters – Safety is obviously a top priority when it comes to your child. Make sure that the facilities that your child will be using while at camp are safe, secure, and age-appropriate. We have a safe and secure environment for all our campers. Not only do we use special rubber flooring that is immune to bacteria to keep children healthy, but we also use the strongest children’s furniture available and use a rubber surface in our outdoor play area. Our facility entrance is only accessible via a touch screen with fingerprinting, ensuring only those that are supposed to be in our facility make it in.

Experienced Staff — Another great thing about the summer program at Parkland Children’s Academy is that we hire only the best, experienced, and knowledgeable staff. Our educators are not only competent and great at teaching, but they also provide a nurturing environment for your children. We keep a low child to teacher ratio in order to ensure that your child receives the attention that they require.

If you use the criteria of picking a summer camp that has fun learning, offers physical activities, nutritious food, a safe environment, and has experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide your child, then you can’t go wrong. Parkland Children’s Academy offers all of the above and will make sure your children have a great time. We will also make sure it is a valuable learning experience and that you, as parents, will be comfortable leaving your children in our care.

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