Finding The Right Summer Camp in Parkland

summer camp in parklandIt has never been easier to find the right summer camp in Parkland to entertain and educate your children during those long summer days thanks to Parkland Children’s Academy Summer Camp. Below is our summary of what you need to think about when selecting the right summer camp for you and your child:

  • Day camp or sleepaway – the first decision you will have to make depends entirely on whether your child is more of a homebody and prefers to come home the end of every day and share their experiences with Mom and Dad, or enjoys spending the summer away from their parents, developing their own interests. Most camp directors say that kids are ready for a sleepaway camp by 12 years-old. Although Parkland Children’s Academy is primarily a daycare and preschool facility during the school term, our Parkland Summer Camp welcomes and provides for children aged between 5 and 12 years-old.
  • Choose a camp to suit your kid – it is important know your kids personal interests. Maybe they want to go to a camp which specializes in sports or art and theater. The best way to find out is to ask them and to involve them in the decision process. This also helps develop their independence – which is what camp is essentially about. Parkland Summer Camp offers a multitude of activities for every age and interest.
  • Choose a camp to suit your needs – there will be certain factors when choosing a summer camp which are non-negotiable for you. The most important factors include price and location. This will also determine whether you are looking at day camps or sleepaways. Parkland Summer Camp is ideal for those who are looking for a day camp close to home.
  • Questions – important questions which will need to be discussed before choosing the right summer camp include: What type of learning approach is used? How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handled? How is communication between the camp and the parents handled? What is the camper to staff ratio? How are emergencies handled? While you are thinking about these questions, you may want to check out the credentials of the summer camp that your child will be enrolled at. Inquire about the education and background of the staff and the safety and security of the premises.
  • Lastly, the camp spirit – most importantly, summer camp is about developing your child’s independence and teaching them separation skills – preparing them for when they will leave the nest one day. It is important to find a camp which reflects your values at home. You want a summer camp which will develop your child’s physical, mental, creative and social skills while still allowing them to do what kids do best – have fun!

A summer camp such as Parkland Summer Camp should offer everything that your child wants and needs from a summer camp. Finding the right summer camp means finding your peace of mind, as well as your child’s new favorite home away from home.

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