Milestone Quiz: What’s Your Child’s Development Age?

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There is a well-known saying that states every child develops at their own pace; while this is true, it is important to know your child’s current developmental stage, as it can help you to assess whether your child is on track with development and whether the need for assistance is necessary.

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we care for boys and girls at every stage; from infants to elementary school. With a combination of education and fun, we have a proven track record of success.

Knowing the key milestones of child development can help you become more aware of your child’s developmental stages. Not sure if you remember all those key developmental stages? Are you a first time mom-to-be? Are you just simply curious? Time to test your knowledge of child development milestones!

The Milestone Child Development Quiz

Choose the answer that appears most correct out of 3 possible answers.


At what age do children start to sit upright, without the support of the parent?

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At 8 months, babies should start to sit upright without support.

When should children start to sound 1-2 syllables, but cannot yet form proper words?

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At 9 months, children should start being about to sound-out syllables.

Infants are born with instinctive Grasp, Moro, root, and tonic neck reflexes. At what age do these reflexes start to disappear?

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These instinctive reflexes begin to disappear at 4 months old.

Young babies are quite aware of the sounds that they hear around them. While very young babies cannot speak yet, they start to try and imitate sounds made by others. When do babies start to repeat tones or sounds made by those around them?

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Between the ages of 4 and 5 months, babies will start repeating sounds they hear around them.

When is it an appropriate age for babies to double their initial birth weight?

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Babies should double their birthweight between 4 to 5 months old.

At what age do infants begin to walk independently?

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Infants being to watch independently at 1 year old.

It is often a concern for parents when their babies begin to lose their appetite. However, this is quite a normal stage of development. When do babies’ appetites decrease?

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At 2 years old, babies lose their appetite. This is a normal stage of development.

Imagination becomes an important part of a child’s development and starts to manifest visibly in make-believe play. At what age do children begin to take part in make-believe play?

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At 2 years old, children start taking part in make-believe.

While children first explore sounds and syllables, one of the biggest developmental milestones is when children learn to say their first word. At what age do children say at least one word?

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Children typically say their first word at 1 year old.

Young infants that cannot walk yet try to show interest in their surroundings by lifting their heads. At this early stage, infants cannot move much when placed on their stomachs. At what age do infants begin to raise their heads when lying on their stomachs?

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Infants begin to raise their heads up when lying on their stomachs are 3 months old.

A key stage in development is the awareness and understanding of how language is used to interact with others. Alongside this language awareness, babies begin to become self-aware. When do children begin to respond to their own name?

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At 7 months old, children begin to respond to their own names.

When children begin to scribble and draw, they start to explore their fine motor and coordination. After a while, children begin to practice more complex forms of drawing, such as drawing a circle. When is it appropriate for kids to easily draw straight lines and copy circles?

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Children starting coloring in the lines and drawing straight around 3 years old.

Fine motor and coordination skills also involve careful grasping of spoons and balancing of food on them. When can a child start to use a spoon well and feed him/herself?

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A child can usually start feeding themselves at 3 years old.

After the thrill of independence in walking comes the thrill of running and outdoor play. When is it an appropriate age for children to start running and kicking a ball?

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Children will start running and kicking objects like balls at 2 years old.

Children that have begun playing with toys start to sort object by shape and color at a certain age. What age seems appropriate for this key milestone?

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At 3 years old, children will start being able to recognize shapes and sort colors.

Daycares In Parkland With A Focus On Child Development

If you want to learn more about child development, then look no further. Parkland Children’s Academy provides more information on understanding your infant’s developmental areas, so that you can improve your understanding of these important milestones.

Now that you are aware of child developmental milestones, you can apply your knowledge and contribute to your child’s development in fun and creative ways. For more ideas, check out Parkland Children’s Academy’s blog and Facebook page for fun developmental activities for your baby

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