Gifts That Encourage Infant Development

infant development

Infant education starts long before your baby is born. Parents can read or sing to their infants to encourage infant development. Once your baby is born, there are many activities that parents can do with their little ones to encourage cognitive and motor skill development.

You could also use toys to stimulate your baby’s development. However, finding development toys for babies can be challenging. Today, stores are flooded with toys that are seemingly educational, but which ones are right for your baby?

Below we take a look at three toys to give the baby in your life, this holiday. These toys are great for infants at different stages of their development, which will keep mom, dad, and their little ones happy.

How Do Infants Learn?

Researchers have discovered that children learn best through structured play. Parents should be intentional with the activities they do with their children to encourage strong infant development.

Structured activities that incorporate educational principles will help parents bond with their little ones, but it can also boost your baby’s learning experience.

Three Developmental Toys For Babies

Toys can also be used to enhance your baby’s playtime. The following toys would be educational and fun for little ones:

1. Musical Soft Toy For Newborns

A common misconception among some parents is that their newborn won’t be learning a lot during the first few months of their lives. Newborns do a whole lot more than sleeping and eating. During the first few months of your baby’s life, they are learning important cognitive and motor skills.

A musical soft toy is an excellent gift for a newborn. Music can play a crucial part in your baby’s early educational journey. Lyrical music can encourage early language learning, while repetitive melodies can contribute to improved memory.

The Gund Animated Flappy Elephant is a great option for newborns as it is soft to touch and musical. Pressing the left foot activates the interactive peek-a-boo mode. When you press the right foot, it’ll play a children’s rhyme. As your baby grows, they’ll be able to discover the different play modes.

2. Tummy Time Play Gym For 4 – 6 Months Old

Tummy time is an excellent activity for little ones as it encourages them to use muscles associated with crawling and walking. Babies should spend a few minutes a day on their tummy to enjoy the benefits of tummy time.

If the baby in your life is 4 – 5 months old, they could already be familiar with tummy time. Your infant could even be practicing pivoting and reaching. The Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat could enhance your baby’s tummy time. The mat includes a prop to keep babies engaged, while also supporting their posture.

3. Textured Soft Blocks For 7 – 12 Months Old

Infants are naturally inquisitive. They are curious about the world around them and are eager to explore it. Babies rely heavily on their sense of touch to explore their world. Touch is one of the first senses babies learn to use to communicate, which is why little ones seem to grab everything.

Touch and texture can also contribute to early language development and motor skill development. At first, the textured toy will pique your infant’s interest. That interest can then encourage your infant to verbalize their findings. Touch learning will also be used at various stages of your child’s learning journey.

The Party Baby Blocks are a rattle block set that is available in different colors and shapes. The blocks will develop your child’s hearing and sight, which will support their cognitive and physical development.

Educational Infant Development and Care Center in Parkland

Parkland Children’s Academy is an early learning facility that focuses on STEM based learning. Our programs incorporate educational toys that are fun and educational. The teachers at our daycare and preschool are qualified early learning practitioners, who care about your child’s development.

To find out more about our learning facility, give us a call at 954-688-5877 or visit our Parents’ Corner for more infant development tips.

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