Touch Learning: The Value of Teaching Children in Day Care in Boca Raton through Interactive Means

the value of teaching children in day care in boca raton through interactive meansA recent article of New York Times journalist and Observatory columnist Sindya N. Bhanoo described studies suggesting that your pre-schooler might not be as difficult to teach as you think. Indeed, many experts in the field of education suggest that conventional teaching by verbal and written means might not be as effective as giving children the push to get them learning things on their own. These findings supports the method of teaching day care in Boca Raton.

One study for instance, helped demonstrate a four-year old child’s learning skill through observation. An experimenter allowed children to watch as he performed a series of steps that would release a toy from a mechanism, and two other sets of steps that were a dud. When the children were given the toy, they successfully performed the proper steps to activate the toy, and thus earned their reward.

On the other hand, several researchers agree on the concept that when children are simply taught by being given information, they do not explore or expound on what has been spoon-fed to them. There is a certain measure of “I trust what my teacher told me” attitude among preschoolers that prevent them from thinking outside the box or seeing a bigger picture. Unfortunately, most of the brightest and smartest people in history are those who had exactly the opposite outlook on things.

The city of Boca Raton, located in Palm Beach county, Florida, boasts of many childcare and preschool centers such as Providence Children’s Academy. Many of these learning places have seen through to the principles behind studies such as those mentioned, and thus integrated quality interactive learning experiences for the preschoolers under their guidance. Such interactive learning includes unconventional teaching strategies like games, reading and writing; except in this instance, the kids have the handle on what and how they learn.

The ever-convenient force that it is, modern technology has joined in on the fun as well. These days, you can see interactive learning opportunities for your children (regardless of age) from smartphones, tablet and laptops computers, and one of the most used gadgets in teaching preschool in Boca Raton today: the interactive smart board. This device features a computer touch screen, 66″ x 46″ in size, which allows preschoolers to draw, interact, and even record activities and outputs through media like photos and videos.

With the help of modern technology, and dedicated and responsible parents and teachers, the preschoolers of today can grow up to be smart adults, who would be totally dependent on what they were taught, but on what they sought to understand. The future can be much brighter if everyone, at an early age, learns not only from textbooks, but the learning process itself.

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