Five Fun Winter-Themed Preschool Activities

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The days are getting cooler, and the winter season is right around the corner, so why not try some winter-themed preschool activities? Get into the holiday spirit with these arts and crafts games that bring fun into learning, perfect for winter break.

Engaging Preschool Activities for the Winter Season

Preschoolers learn by play, so activities should be fun and engaging for them! Let them take the lead with arts and crafts, and they’ll hardly even notice that they’re working on key developmental skills as they play.

Play Dough Snowmen

Play dough is always a favorite for preschoolers, but with a few small changes, you can have a perfect winter-themed color selection to get creative with. Adding some glitter into white play dough creates a sparkling snow effect, the perfect shade for creating play dough snowmen! Roll balls for the body and use some other colors to give them some play dough buttons. Add a classic carrot orange nose, or a colorful scarf, and you have yourself some winter-themed decorations for your home.

Want to make your own play dough? This is another preschool activity your little one will surely love!

Winter Tree Art

For this arts and crafts activity, you’ll need some blue card paper, white paint, Q-tips, glue, and some sticks collected from outdoors. If you’re going on a walk through the park, make sure to collect some twigs as you go.

On each sheet of blue card paper, lay out your twigs in the shape of a tree and glue them down. Next up, let your preschooler dip a Q-tip into white paint and start dotting the page— the round end of the Q-tip will make it look like snowballs! This is one of the best preschool activities to help with fine motor control and teaches your child about how some trees change the way they look in each season.

Counting Snowballs

Math preschool activities are always good for engaging preschoolers and boosting their number skills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be hands-on and creative with them.

Take several sheets of paper and write a number on the top of each. Make sure to start with lower numbers, but don’t be afraid to add in some higher ones if your preschooler is ready. Take a giant pack of cotton balls and a pair of tongs, and you’re ready to start. Add the correct number of cotton balls to each page, picking them up and placing them down with the tongs.

Snowflake Decoration

Did you know that every snowflake is unique? There’s no better way to teach this to your preschooler than with an arty activity that lets them express themselves. You’ll need some craft paper or card cut out into the shape of a snowflake, but the materials you choose to decorate with are completely up to you. You could use glue and beads, paints, glitter, simple crayons, or a mix of them all!

Spell Your Name

Learning how to write and spell your name is an important part of early literacy. This preschool activity can be easily adjusted for your child’s reading and writing level, so even older kids can take part.

Our favorite way to do this activity is to create a lineup of snowmen. Cut out a couple of snowmen from white paper, drawing on eyes and a nose for the top snowball. On the bottom snowball, write out a letter from your child’s name. With these all finished, you can help your child assemble the snowmen to spell out their name.

Preschool Activities at Parkland Children’s Academy

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