What Are The Four Basic Themes Of Early Childhood Education?

early childhood education

Early childhood education is an important foundation phase for your children.

Education plays a major role in developing the lives of our children in a number of different ways. Not only is early childhood education important for children in terms of their cognitive development but for their social skills development too. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves on providing excellent early childhood education programs.

There are four basic themes of early childhood education that we incorporate into our daily school routine for your children. Here we’ll break down the four basic themes of childhood education and why they’re important.

Ethics Of Social Reform

The ethics of social reform refers to the idea that providing early childhood education can lead to social change and improvement.

From a young age, children are taught valuable social behaviors and interactions at school. It’s important for children to socialize with other children their own age to improve their overall health and well-being. Learning to adapt to social environments is a valuable life skill that also benefits the community we live in.

Our classroom and playground activities encourage and promote group activities, while also offering individual play like arts & crafts. Our children are taught the importance of sharing and to respect one another. You can feel confident that your children will receive the best social reform at Parkland Children’s Academy.

Importance Of Childhood

Childhood is a unique stage of life and adults should be taking the responsibility of children’s welfare. It’s important to create an environment for children to learn and develop. It’s also important to expose children to various experiences in fun and unique ways. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we offer a hands-on, curriculum-based learning methodology. Our educational programs expose our learners to age-appropriate learning activities that involve colors, numbers, and math, all on interactive smart boards. These teaching methodologies mean that the children are able to learn through ‘play’.

Our school also puts a big emphasis on the health and safety of your children. We offer a toxin-free playground where your children are well looked after and can play safely. Our facilities are also well equipped and prepared for emergencies. And to put your mind even more at ease, all of our staff are also CPR and First Aid Certified.

Nutritional health is something we take seriously at Parkland Children’s Academy. We provide the children with a well-balanced, healthy diet that is curated by our very own nutritionist. Children are developing and need the proper nutrition to fuel their growing minds and bodies. Take a look at our food menu to see the types of delicious and healthy meals your kids can enjoy!

Transmitting Values

Parkland Children’s Academy is a family-owned and operated school. We are proud of the fact that we hold strong family values and try to emulate this throughout the school. Early childhood education is an important part of preparing children for life. It’s not only important to prepare our kids academically but as moral citizens in life. School is an opportunity to learn moral values in life and this can be transmitted in the classroom and on the playground. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we honor diversity and reward good and kind behavior to one another.


When looking for the best early childhood education programs for your children, it’s important to find a school that encompasses professionalism. This means that the purpose of the school is to educate and develop young children. The teachers are caregivers and educators, who are able to educate children as a group while understanding them as individuals.

Our educators at Parkland Children’s Academy can accommodate children of all backgrounds and learning levels. Our curriculum incorporates teaching methods that cater to both children who learn through listening and to others who learn through a hands-on approach.

Early Childhood Education at Parkland Children’s Academy

Sending your kids to school is more than just dropping them off with a babysitter while you go to work or run some errands. Early childhood education is an important time of your child’s life that helps prepare them for the world. When choosing the right school for your children, it’s important to find a school that incorporates the four basic themes of childhood education.

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the very best education for your children. Our curriculum is designed with your child’s education in mind, while making sure everyone has fun and is well looked after. Contact Parkland Children’s Academy today to get your child enrolled in one of the best preschools in Parkland!

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