Enriching After School Activities For Grade School Age Kids

after school activities

The way we learn at school has changed dramatically over the past year. Some children are attending physical classes at their learning facilities, while others are not. Teachers have had to explore new techniques to help children adapted to learning during a pandemic.

After school activities are an effective way to support your child’s learning. Research has shown that children learn best through structured play. Your child’s after school routine should reflect this.

Afterschool programs focus on sharpening and reinforcing concepts your child has already been taught at school. Children often find these activities to be more entertaining and enjoyable because they can be more creative in their own space. But when does play become educational?

Here we consider three enriching after school activities to support your grade schooler’s learning outside of the classroom.

Minecraft For STEM Based Fun

In recent years, the U.S. government has prioritized science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based learning. Your child’s STEM based preschool curriculum can give them the necessary tools to succeed in future. Parents can incorporate STEM based activities in their child’s afterschool routine too.

Most parents are familiar with Minecraft because of its popularity among children and adults. This game takes traditional blocks to a new digital platform. In creative mode, children can create new worlds filled with huts, furnished houses, animals, and more. Through multi-player mode, they can work with their peers to create new worlds too. These are just two ways the game can be used to foster creativity and teamwork.

Playing educational games afterschool, is a great way to incorporate technology in early education. When used correctly, Minecraft can develop children’s teamwork, problem-solving, mathematics and language skills.

Board Games To Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a big part of your child’s learning success. As their vocabulary grows, critical thinking allows children to express themselves using more complex words like ‘because’ or ‘if’. Adults often do this without thinking twice, but this is a skill your child must be taught. It is an import part of communicating effectively.

Board games are great for individual or family play, but they provide more than entertainment on a Friday evening. Strategy focused board games like chess, snakes and ladders, or Monopoly are an excellent way to improve your child’s critical thinking skills in a fun way. Games like chess, have proven to increase basic math skills like counting, addition and subtraction.

These board games encourage children to plan, detect patterns, predict outcomes and learn from experience. Providing children with the opportunity to practice these important skills can improve their critical thinking, which in turn, improves language, communication and even math skills.

Arts & Crafts for Fine Motor Skill Development

Your child uses gross and fine motor skills every day. In the morning, their fine motor skills help them button their shirts, while gross motor skills help them make their way to the breakfast table.

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to develop your child’s motor skills. Using crafting scissors can help your child develop important fine motor skills, which can positively impact their writing ability later. Finger painting is another excellent way for your child to practice fine motor skills, while expressing themselves creatively.

STEM Based After School Care in Parkland Children’s Academy

After school activities are meant to support your child’s learning. This is why the after-school care program you attend should have an existing STEM based program.

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we prioritize early learning development. Our STEM based after school program creates an immersive and effective learning environment that can support your child’s development.

Contact us today at 954-688-5877 to find out how we can support your child’s learning journey.

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