What Makes A Great Parkland Daycare?

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Finding the right ‘daycare near me’ is easy when you’ve heard about the Parkland Children’s Academy. Whether your children have already been to a Parkland daycare before. Or, if you’re a first-time parent, sending your little one to the right place is a big decision.

Look for a daycare that is reliable and values the wellness and development of your child. To do this, there are some important qualities to consider. All the below qualities are top priorities at our Parkland daycare.

1. Family-Oriented And Friendly

Being family-oriented means that we value creating a safe, secure, and loving learning environment. Every child feels welcome and at home. There are significant benefits of the family unit. Putting family first creates a safe and nurturing space for children. As a family-owned daycare center, putting family first is only natural for us.

2. A Stimulating And Nurturing Environment

We are passionate about creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for children. Part of this is providing children with age-appropriate educational resources and activities. Children thrive with intentional stimulation and the nurturing of their growing brains.

3. Health And Safety As a Priority

Activities and playtime can be dangerous without the right equipment and safety measures in place. All our furniture is Jonti-Craft, a recognized provider of toxin-free, antibacterial, and safe play equipment and furniture for children.

All our staff are First Aid Certified, well-trained, and equipped to handle safety scenarios. With a professional cleaning service on hand, our environment is safe and sound.

4. Access To Extracurricular Activities

The benefits of extracurricular activities are effective for growing young minds. Children thrive when they discover their own interests and hobbies. Extracurricular activities are an important outlet for children as they develop their own skills and interests. In short, a great daycare should be fun and well-rounded.

Among the physical, personal, and mental benefits for children, they will gain a healthy sense of achievement.

5. Parkland Daycare And Aftercare Facilities

Holistic development for children is not only for a daycare or preschool program. Continuing the learning in fun aftercare activities is important too.

Children build confidence when there is a safe place to learn and grow with others. A play-centered learning environment in aftercare is essential. Aftercare should be a place where learning, growing, fun, and creativity continues to fan your children’s skills into flame.

We are dedicated to the personal, physical, social, and emotional well-being of all the children we spend time with every day.

Looking For The Best Parkland Daycare? Look No Further

Selected for 2022 Best of Parkland Award, Parkland Children’s Academy is a top provider for the needs of children and families in the area.

Contributing to making Parkland a great place to work, live and play, Parkland Children’s Academy is a trusted daycare and family-oriented preschool.

We believe preschool should serve as a home away from home, and that’s exactly what you and your children will get here.  To enroll your child, give us a call at 954-688-5877 today.

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