Ways To Promote Infant Development at Home

infant development

Promoting infant development at home is a natural process and accessible to all parents.

It’s no secret that having a baby is one of the most exciting and daunting times of our lives. As we shift into parenthood, priorities tend to change as we make way for this new human life. It’s every parent’s dream to ensure their little ones receive only the best care, nurturing and brain development from an early age. Believe it or not, this starts from when they are still in the womb.

Infant development can happen anywhere and anytime with your baby. It’s possible for us to turn any experience into an opportunity for learning, growth, and brain development. Below we explore a couple of ways you can nurture infant development at home.

Based on connection with your child first, each of these tools will help you promote healthy development. They will assist with the bonding process as well. Our infants learn to trust us more as we learn with them.

Connect With Baby

Connection with your baby is foundational to all learning. During the early months parents and babies spend a lot of time learning from each other. When you nurture genuine and constant connection with your infant, you are growing your trust relationship with them. This will in turn make it safer and easier for them to take risks and learn.

Connect with your baby by looking into their eyes, smiling at them, talking with them and providing the sense of security and love that they need. Cuddling and playing games like ‘peek-a-boo’ can teach your baby a whole load of skills. This will also be building that connection between you and them.

Communicate Well with Your Infant

When you connect with a baby, it’s important to start communicating with them from as early as in the womb. Babies can hear your voice from a couple of weeks after conception which means they’re learning to communicate from that early!

When you talk to your baby, respond to their gurgling or the sounds they make as they discover their vocal cords. It’s amazing how you can feel like you’re having a full conversation with an infant by responding to them. Use words that they would find easy to start learning, avoid the bigger more complex words when you chat to them.

Sensory Development and Interactive Toys

From around 8 weeks old babies are already developing stronger senses. Giving them interactive and sensory development toys helps to strengthen their ability to recognize and respond. It’s not always about the most expensive toys. Infants respond to contrasted colors, mirrors, and the touch of some of the most basic household items. Use sponges with different textures, hair curlers, fabrics and more to make fun sensory play toys.

Interactive games can build your connection with your baby as well as strengthening trust within your bond. Find some interactive games that you can play with them. Singing and reading stories can also assist with sensory development and engagement.

Tummy Time, Physical Movement and Touch

Playing with your infant on the ground is a great work out for their developing muscles, joints, and recognition of their own bodies. Tummy time is so important when they are small as it helps them with muscle strengthening that they will need to start crawling and walking.

Roll your infant around on the ground, play with their limbs and make way for them to get used to your touch. The physical touch, like a baby massage after bath time, can help your infant with healthy sensory growth.

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