The Benefits of Childcare For Working Parents

childcare for working parents

Since most families include two working parents, the need for childcare is a priority in many households. At Parklands Children’s Academy, we understand the unique needs of working parents when it comes to childcare options. We are dedicated to providing a family-oriented environment and high-quality service to you and your children. Here we’ll talk about the benefits of childcare for working parents that include early development benefits for children too.

The Benefits of Childcare

Childcare ensures that both parents can stay in their respective careers without sacrificing success or income. The right type of care and facility can foster healthy families and equip children with the skills necessary to navigate the world. Healthy children and healthy families create healthy overall communities, too.

For development, childcare prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. Childcare centers provide socialization opportunities and support healthy brain development. This is an important consideration for working families who can struggle with time constraints and keeping a work-life balance.

For working parents, childcare decreases the risk of job loss, increases earning potential, can help close the gender wage gap, and sets up families for lifelong success.

Preparation for Kindergarten and Beyond

Childcare centers, especially ones like ours, that provide VPK programs are great for preparing children for school environments. A well-rounded pre-kindergarten program can provide a safe space for children to become familiar with structured environments and teach routines. Programs range from pre-math to literacy.

Plus, by providing this preparation, studies show children succeed in school in later years too. Ultimately, providing a lifelong benefit for not only each child and family but for future generations of the workforce, too.

Socialization and healthy brain development

Childcare environments provide children with socialization skills. This includes language development and teamwork skills. Beyond that, children learn empathy, self-confidence, inhibition control, and they learn emotional skills too.

In addition to providing socialization skills, a benefit of childcare for working parents is that it fosters healthy brain development while providing care. By making learning a fun environment, children are engaged on a level that is geared for them.

For older children in need of after school care, structured play environments offer the benefit of physical activity and social skill building like teamwork.

Less Risk of Job Loss For Parents

Consistent childcare access decreases the risk of job loss from too many missed days due to illness or loss of care options. This is important since 94% of working parents report that they adjusted their careers due to childcare constraints or needs in 2020.

Increased earning potentials

Not only can childcare decrease the risk of job loss, but it also ensures that two-income families can stay two-income. This is an important benefit of childcare for working parents since it’s estimated that families lose 8.3 billion dollars in potential yearly income without access to family care.

While childcare options do have associated costs, in many areas (like here in South Florida), some VPK programs are free for children aged 4 and below.

Close the Gender Wage Gap

High-quality childcare can reduce the gender wage gap by keeping mothers in the workforce. Research suggests that childcare can increase a mother’s lifetime earnings by up to $94,000.

Childcare Benefits Everyone

With early development benefits, increased earning potentials, decreased risk of job loss, and peace of mind, the benefits of childcare for working parents are endless.

Childcare for Working Parents in Parkland

Here at Parkland Children’s Academy, we are committed to providing childcare for working parents that benefit everyone. We offer VPK, bus transportation, after-school care, and many other fun activities throughout the year. All of our staff are properly vetted, and we take pride in providing outstanding care for your family. Visit us at 6624 Parkside Drive during our operational hours of 7 AM-6 PM, Monday-Friday. Call us at 954-688-5877 or use our contact form here to get started

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