Spring Themed Preschool Activities

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As a new season comes around. Why not try out some spring-themed preschool activities. Spring is a wonderful time of year to help children with different skills and learning. It’s important to keep your child engaged and active while on spring break, and throughout the season.

Encourage your child to spend at least an hour outside or doing something active each day. They need to be active to keep their muscles and bones healthy and these activities will aid you in keeping your little one’s mind and body healthy.

Have Fun with These Spring Activities

Preschool children are little busybodies and naturally curious; it can prove quite challenging trying to keep them occupied. They often learn best through play; this helps them to enhance their skills while having fun. So, your activities must be engaging and fun to keep them interested. These activities will help children with their learning and also their gross and fine motor skills.

Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles are a great way to keep your child entertained and active. It’s incredibly easy to make your own bubble mixture. All you need to get started is the equipment and ingredients.


For the tools, all you need is a large cup, a spoon, and bubble wands.


Any household should have these ingredients readily available. You’ll need ½ cup of dish soap, 1½ cups of water, and lastly 2 teaspoons of sugar.


Pour your dish soap into the cup. Then add your water and sugar to the soap. Gently stir your bubble mixture. Now your bubble mixture is ready to use.

Once you’ve crafted your bubble mix, now it’s time for the fun. One of the easiest bubble games is bubble tag. The “it” player must tag other players by blowing bubbles that hit them.

Spring Themed Play-dough Art

Play-dough is a super fun way to get your preschooler’s imagination and art skills to increase. Rather than buying playdough why not try making your own? Your children can mold the playdough into flowers. As well as spring holiday-themed shapes such as Easter eggs.

Baking Delicious and Yummy Treats

Working with recipes helps your preschooler with their skill in the kitchen and also increases their confidence. This is also a fun way to spend quality time together as well as a bonding experience. This activity helps your child to learn problem-solving, how to follow instructions, and measuring.

Here are some easy-baked goodies you can try out with your preschooler:

  • Cookies
  • Bunny bait
  • Hot cross buns

Spring Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great method to exercise your child’s mind and body. You and your child can compile a list of things you only see in spring. For example, some flowers only grow in spring. Once you’re happy with the list, it’s time to play.

Build A Birdhouse or Grow Vegetables


Bird activity increases during spring as they begin to look for the ideal spot to nest. A great preschool activity is to help build a birdhouse with your preschooler. You can also sometimes buy a birdhouse kit, that’ll make it a bit easier.

Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers

Growing various plants helps children build responsibility and how to care for things. All you need to do is visit your local nursery and let your preschooler choose whatever they want. Whether it’s herb, veggies, or flowers

Preschool Activities and More at Parkland Children’s Academy

Spring is a great time for your child to explore new preschool activities! Providing your child with a quality education is a top priority for us at Parkland Children’s Academy. If you would like to learn more about our services and various early education programs at Parkland Children’s Academy, give us a call at 954-688-5877 to schedule a tour today!

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