Valentine’s Day Inspired Preschool Games

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With Valentine’s day around the corner, stores and screens will be filled with marketing about love. Consumers will be encouraged to “show love” by purchasing gifts. Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to teach preschool-aged children about different kinds of love in an educational way. Because children learn best through structured play, here we share 3 Valentine’s Day-inspired preschool games that kids and teachers love.

1. Valentine Showers

Why Preschoolers Love It: The game involves crafting, outside play, teamwork, and is colorful.

Why Teachers Love It: Crafting and cutting develops fine motor skills. Running outside while trying to catch a clear target can develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination.

What You Need:

  • Colored paper
  • A blanket or sheet
  • Stamps (optional)

Preparation: Children can decorate different colored sheets of paper with hearts, drawings, or Valentine-themed stamps. Any paper can be used. Once the designs have been completed, cut them out and pile them on the blanket or sheet.

How To Play: Position children around the edge of the blanket. Children then pick up the sheet and hold it in the air. By moving the sheet, the hearts and cutouts will move, too.

At the count of three, the blanket should be lifted with a good tug to make the hearts lift high into the air. Drop the sheet quickly as the Valentine shower pours down. Children must catch as many falling cut-outs as they can.

2. Simon Says XOXO

Why Preschoolers Love It: The game allows children to lead their peers and give humorous instructions that should be followed.

Why Teachers Love It: Simon Says has been used by researchers to assess self-regulation, language, and comprehension skills. The game encourages the development of listening and language skills.

What You Need: No equipment is needed to play this game. It can be played in an appropriately sized indoor or outdoor space.

Preparation: The game commands and movements should be explained to children before the first round is played. When the leader commands “hug,” players must move their arms above their heads to form a circle. This represents the “O” in “XOXO.”

For the “kiss” command, players must move into a jumping-jack position with their legs and arms frozen in the shape of an “X.”

How To Play: The ordinary rules of Simon Says apply to this game. Leaders can be rotated after every command, and players who do the incorrect movement must remain seated for one round.

3. My Valentine

Why Preschoolers Love It: The game involves movement and piques players’ curiosity, as any player can be called upon by the Questioner.

Why Teachers Love It: The game focuses on active listening and observation skills. Children must listen to the distinction shouted by the selected player and must be sufficiently self-aware to determine if they match the description. The game requires children to be observant of other players to find an empty seat too.

What You Need: ​​​​​​One chair per player, minus one.

Preparation: Place the chairs in a well-spaced circle.

How To Play: Start the game with all players gathered at the center of the circle. The teacher then shouts, “My Valentine is everyone.”

All players must run to a chair and be seated. The player without a seat must then move the center of the circle and is the “Questioner.”

The Questioner asks one seated player, “Who’s your Valentine?”

The selected player must reply by saying something like, “My Valentine is everyone wearing green.”

Everyone wearing green, including and Questioner, must run to an empty seat. Whoever is left standing at the end of the shift will becomes the next Questioner.

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