The Benefits Of After School Programs For Children, Families, & Communities

After School Programs

After school programs provide so much more than convenience. They’re a place for personal and academic growth for children, they offer peace of mind to parents, and they instill a sense of community for children and parents alike.

Whether it’s easing school difficulties or relaxing a home life after school programs benefit children, parents, and communities. Choosing the aftercare program for your child can be quite the undertaking, but the routine and social development your child experiences are worth the effort.

The Benefits of After School Programs for Children

Out of everyone, children benefit the most from after school programs. Studies show that children in after school programs are more likely to achieve better grades. At Parkland, we have dedicated homework assistance, where experienced teachers will help make sure that your child stays on track with their schoolwork.

Socialization plays a major role in young children’s development, and there’s no better socialization method than play. Time spent indoors and on the outdoor playground is done with other children around, and this allows for friendships to form and social skills to develop, even more than they would in a normal school environment.

The aftercare curriculum is also much more practical compared to a standard school day. Young children learn about science, technology, and cooking, and they’re active participants while they’re learning.

Children with learning difficulties are also much more likely to relax in an aftercare program, as the standard isn’t set as high as regular schooling. This allows them to learn at their own pace and explore new things with one-on-one attention, which isn’t always provided in a busy classroom. The environment of aftercare programs is conducive to helping children experience new hobbies and learn more about the world around them.

How They Benefit Parents and Families

Of course, the convenience of an after school program is a monumental benefit to parents. Children can be looked after in safe environments, and parents can spend less time away from work and other responsibilities knowing that their child is well looked after.

These programs can also ease home life, as children are finished with any extra schoolwork and parents are free to spend quality time with their children without having to stress about getting work done. Likewise, for families with little free time, after school programs can keep your child active and getting the exercise and nutrition they need throughout the day.

The Benefits for Communities

On a community level, after school programs keep young children in a safe environment after school finishes for the day. The promotion of good nutrition and active play helps to keep children healthy, reducing the level of obesity in the country’s youth.

Parkland Children’s Academy’s transport system reduces the stress placed on parents to break up their workday, helping them focus on their work and ease any office stress. Studies show that many parents are also able to re-enter the workforce completely once enrolling their children in aftercare programs.

Children in after school programs also socialize with children that don’t go to their own school. They venture out of existing social groups and play with many other children that they might not have during a regular school day, instilling a greater sense of community.

After School Programs In Broward County

At Parkland Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child to excel in an after school program. We strive to offer a program that is social and promotes healthy living through active play and good nutrition. Contact us today for a tour of our facilities, and see why so many parents have chosen Parkland Children’s Academy.

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