The Benefits Of After School Daycare

after school daycare

After school daycare has become a necessity for most working families. About 60% of children today are in daycare or an after-school program. Finding a quality after school program can be an arduous process. From concerns about your child’s safety to feeling secure that your child receives a quality education and care. With the need for after school programs expanding, this has created a change in our routines, policies at the state and federal levels, and in the culture as a whole.

In this article, we’ll discuss the social, emotional, and cognitive benefits after school daycares provide for the children of working families.

The Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance (AA) is a non-profit based in Washington, DC that provides resources for families and after school programs operating across the country. They have a research database that outlines the benefits of after school daycare and policies at the state and federal levels, which affect working families. The need for after school daycare programs for Florida families is mapped out here.

The report This is Afterschool (Afterschool Alliance, 2019) offers some compelling statistics about after school program benefits (from preschool to high school):

  1. At least 68% of students complete their homework assignments and are more interested in class participation.
  2. A 60% improvement in students’ classroom behavior.
  3. More than 70% of students at the middle- and high school level enrolled in a STEM after school program, expressed interest in a career path in the sciences.
  4. 10.2 million students are currently enrolled in an after-school program. 19.4 million are waiting for a program to become available in their community.

Parkland Academy After School Daycare

Parkland Afterschool Daycare program offers numerous benefits to children and their parents, including:

  1. One-on-one care and attention.
  2. Healthy and nutritional snacks (no need to pack anything extra!)
  3. Free pick-up from surrounding schools (Parkland and Coconut Creek school districts).
  4. Daily extra-curricular activities and playtime.

The Parkland After School Daycare program is designed to promote your child’s development in a healthy, nurturing, and safe environment. Staff and instructors focus on experiential and fun learning which promotes healthy connections and life choices for each child.

The program will enhance your child’s academic ability as they develop foundational skills that prepare them for grade school and on to high school. Friendships and connections are formed, which enhances a child’s emotional intelligence (understanding cues from others through body language and facial expression). Students learn healthy communication skills enabling each child to express themselves with confidence while maintaining empathy for others. Storytelling and playtime are also structured to be a part of each child’s learning process.

Benefits to Parents

Enrolling your child at Parkland is beneficial to your child’s development, but also gives you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on your workday. Parkland staff is also there to support parents by offering free pick-up close to most workplaces and schools in Parkland and Coconut Creek. Our staff is committed to reinforcing the values and habits you practice at home, ensuring that your child receives the best care in addition to quality education.

Parents in the Parkland community have access to the Parents Corner where they can keep updated on events, activities, and view the monthly menu for your child (you can select from regular, gluten/dairy-free, and vegetarian menus). There is on-going communication with parents via daily notes, parent conferences, and a regular newsletter.

One of the most highly rated daycare centers in South Florida, you can read program feedback and reviews from parents and families can take a preschool virtual tour or schedule an on-site visit to meet after school instructors and staff. Call us today at (954) 688-5877 and experience childcare as it should be.

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