Summer Time Preschool Activities

preschool activities

The summer is a super time to keep your children’s mental intelligence at its peak as well as keep their physical fitness at a good level, all the while making it fun for them. Summer preschool activities aid your children with retaining information for when they go back to school in the fall.

One of the most important aspects of summer preschool activities is that your child’s mind remains engaged and active. Summer preschool activities also aid in improving fine and gross motor skills, as well as different social skills.

Fun Summer Preschool Activities to Try Out

Preschool children are often quite curious and busy. While summer is a fun time for children, it can be daunting for parents; especially if you’re struggling to find ideas to keep them busy. Always make sure that the preschool summer activities you choose are well suited to your child, so that they can gain the most out of their experiences.

Summer Sports & Games

Most children will jump at the chance to play a fun game or some sport. Sports and games shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to find activities for your children. There are many benefits. This includes but isn’t limited to teamwork, social skills, staying active and healthy.

Sports and games will also tire children, so they get a good nap or night’s sleep.

Interesting Field Trips

Field trips are a super way of educating your child in a fun and exciting way. Summer camps often use field trips to help educate children, they’ll often visit science centers, sporting centers, museums or even restaurants in the surrounding area.

Painting, Reading Or Shell Art

  • Painting is often one of the underrated preschool activities. Creative arts have been found to help explore different emotions and de-stress. One can also use pool noodle sections to use as a stamp to create artwork.
  • Reading is a valuable, educational activity. There are many ways your child can do their reading. The most common way is by setting aside a supervised time for your children to do their reading. Not only is it educational, but it also helps children to explore other interests.
  • Shell art is a great way for children to practice their fine motor skills and get some vitamin D at the same time. You can turn this activity into a beach day, you can also include facts about marine life and nature.

Target Practice With Water Balloons

Water balloons being tossed around is a great way to keep rising temperatures at bay when outside. You and your children can mark out different targets on the sidewalk with chalk using different colors. Fill up some water balloons and let your children go wild.

Boat Racing Or Coconut Bowling

  • Soap Boat Racing is a great activity for when the weather is nice and sunny. Craft your soap bar boat, set up the PVC gutter racecourse in the garden with your hose turned on, and you’re ready to race! This will help your children to be creative while they’re decorating, humble if they win and graceful if they lose.
  • Coconut Bowling is fun for everyone of all ages. Use water bottles filled with water and food coloring as pins and a decorated coconut as your bowling ball. You can start them off in a triangle and then let your children come up with different patterns to try and hit!

Preschool Activities In Florida 

Summer is a great time for your preschooler to join summer activities! They end up building relationships, practicing various skills, and gaining life experience. If you would like to learn more about our summer camp and services at Parkland Children’s Academy, don’t hesitate to give us a call 954-688-5877!

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