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Summer break is on its way and Parkland Children’s Academy has an exciting summer camp program for your kids. The programs that are most beneficial for young kids include elements of learning through play, key life, and social skills, and most of all, an entertaining-filled few weeks.

Activities You Can Expect During Our Summer Camp Program

We’ve created a memorable summer camp experience for students ranging from ages 5 to 12, meaning that every child gets the chance to enjoy themselves on a level that is appropriate for them. We include activities that stimulate learning, encourage creativity, and get your children moving.

  • Education

    Education is still a priority to us, but so is enjoyment. The educational activities during summer camp have been designed by our teachers to be fun and interactive. Topics that students will learn about will range from nature to science to learning artistic skills.

  • Field Trips

    Field trips are one the most exciting parts for our kids. We’ll visit IMAX exhibits, spend time at water parks, go to the movies and theaters, stop by Chuck E. Cheese! These field trips give students the opportunity to explore their surroundings and have fun while being minded by their summer camp teachers. Field trips allow our kids to have fun during their summer break in an environment that consistently encourages education without any pressure.

  • Exercise

    Physical activities enhance learning and are good for growing minds. Our qualified staff incorporates aquatics and water play, perfect for the warm weather. Aquatics gets students blood flowing and is a good way to get them moving. To encourage teamwork, we have group activities like soccer, baseball, and kickball. We also prioritize individual sports that improve confidence levels like gymnastics. Physical challenges create positive competition between participants and provide developing kids with athletic skills, and regular opportunities for exercise.

  • Fun!

    We incorporate weekly themes with dress-ups, contests, and talent competitions – and everyone gets to feel like a winner! Students get the chance to discover new hobbies and interests that they may wish to pursue in the future, like arts and crafts, and music and movement. For the younger kids, bouncy houses keep the kids moving for ages.

The benefits of summer camp at Parkland Children’s Academy are endless. Students learn to challenge themselves, try new things, form new friendships and bonds, and throughout the process, find their feet and become more independent. Your child’s safety is a top priority, and they will be under the watchful eye of our qualified educators.

Enroll In Parkland’s Summer Camp Program

If you’re interested in giving your child an unforgettable summer, enroll your kids in our summer camp program today. We have two Children’s Academy branches. Whether Parkland or Coconut Creek is more convenient for you, we’re ready to get the summer break started!

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