Is the Preschool Curriculum Trend Good or Bad?

preschool curriculum

Children absorb so much information when they are young. Their brains are malleable and absorb information like sponges. Every experience, behavior, or skill they learn will enrich their futures. The preschool curriculum is about refining and shaping your child and making them the best people they can be.

What is the preschool curriculum all about?

The preschool curriculum is based on a branch of education known as early childhood education. It relates to the teaching of young children in a formal and informal manner. It takes children out of their comfort zones and allows them to be more comfortable with an environment that is not their home. They build relationships with people that are not their families. The curriculum focuses on both social and academic factors that help children excel. Play is used to make it more fun for the children. Children’s imagination and curiosity evokes learning. This is done in a way that learning does not feel forced and comes naturally.

What are some of the benefits of early childhood education?

The preschool curriculum has a number of benefits for your child. Early childhood education teaches your child to socialize with people other than their family. The curriculum creates a safe environment for this to take place and be successful. This allows the child to overcome their shyness and gain self-confidence.

It teaches your child to share and take turns. This is a difficult lesson but it is so crucial in becoming a selfless person. The curriculum will teach them about respecting others and their possessions. The preschool environment is perfect for this as almost everything is shared. These skills can be put into practice in their everyday lives.

The teachers provide your child with a safe and consistent environment that allows them to develop in managing themselves and their emotions. The teachers try to challenge your child too. This is to allow your child to develop coping strategies that will make them more resilient.

The preschool curriculum will help your child master the skill of patience. They are surrounded by other children that will demand the teacher’s attention. They will have to learn to wait their turn and be patient. The sharing of toys and resources will test their patience too.

Being in classroom full of children from different backgrounds and cultures will expose your child to diversity. This will help them be more tolerant and accepting of those that are different. It will help them understand that everyone is unique and deserves respect.

Along with all these social benefits your child will be taught about numeracy and literacy. This will put them at an advantage as they get older as they will have been familiar with certain concepts already. It stimulates their brains and allows them think critically and systematically. Even at such a young age it is very beneficial. The earlier they are exposed to numeracy and literacy, the less daunting it will seem when they learn about it later on. They will be more at ease and will be more willing to learn.

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