The Perks of Sending Your Child to Parklands Children’s Academy

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Send Your Child To A Licensed Preschool Provider

Sending your child to preschool is usually the first time a parent has to let go and trust that you have made the right choice. Florida earns top rankings for early childhood education and Parklands Children’s Academy, as a licensed preschool provider, has many perks that would encourage you to enroll your child at the school.

The dedicated and qualified teachers and staff are committed to giving your child a happy and fulfilling preschool experience. We offer many great services to enhance your child’s preschool experience, such as a great summer camp program as well as Parklands being a qualified VPK provider offering a Voluntary Prekindergarten program free for 4 year olds born before September 1st. The emphasis is on early literacy and manageable classes.

Obviously the safety of your child is the first priority. The safety and licensing requirements are extensive for preschool providers and these are strictly adhered to. Some added safety benefits that are uniquely provided by Parklands include:

  • The furniture is strong and safe with no sharp or jagged edges, the flooring throughout the building is the same grade of rubber which is used in hospitals and is hygienic and need no poisonous cleaning materials.
  • The play and learning areas are spacious and airy and lighting and temperature are kept at the required standards.
  • The rubber flooring in the playground provides a softer impact for boisterous children.
  • A webcam allows you to view your child’s activities from your office or home at any time of the day.
  • The professional janitorial service complies strictly to the requirements of the licensed preschool provider. There is a daily sanitization process at the end of every day and a more intensive weekly sanitization schedule too.
  • There is keypad entrance as well as fingerprint access, ensuring that no unauthorized people are allowed into the preschool.

There are many more benefits of sending your child to a highly qualified and fully licensed preschool provider such as Parkland Children’s Academy:

  • The staff at Parklands are chosen for their skills and expertise in their field. As per the licensing requirements, background checks are done on all staff before they are hired.
  • The experienced teachers are committed to promoting the social, emotional and intellectual growth of the children through an age appropriate curriculum.
  • As a licensed provider, Parkland’s staff are all trained in first aid. They provide a diversification of activities and exercises to encourage the children to achieve their highest level, whatever their abilities.
  • Parklands have joined up with YMCA and are committed to the control of obesity in children. Qualified nutritionists have developed a well-balanced diet and healthy meals are served with love in a home style atmosphere. Children are also taught good manners and healthy eating habits.
  • There is a balance between quiet and active play, indoors and outdoors.
  • The smart board has a giant touch screen where children can participate in programs appropriate to their development.
  • The toys are all age appropriate. Toys are sanitized and disinfected and cleanliness is taught and encouraged.

Parklands meets all the stringent industry standards of a licensed preschool provider, while maintaining a loving, caring nurturing atmosphere. Each child is treated as a unique individual and given the best possible opportunity to learn and grow and thrive.

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