Infant Child Care Solutions

Infant Child Care Solutions

Returning to work after having a baby may seem like a daunting process but here are some useful infant child care solutions that will help you pick the best one for you as well as your infant.

  • Baby Sitters
    A baby sitter is a person who has the necessary qualifications and references to temporarily look after your infant and should be someone that you can trust. When initially hiring a baby sitter, it may be best to invite them over for a period of paid observation, where they look after your infant while you are present. This gives you the opportunity to see if they are the right fit for you and your infant. If you are worried about finding a reputable person, you can always look for a babysitter through an established agency, they should be able to find the perfect fit for you.
  • Au Pairs
    An alternate approach is hiring of an au pair through an agency. An au pair is usually a younger person who lives with the family, will look after the children and is seen as an additional family member and will be with the family for usually 1 year. The au pair must have a different nationality to the host family as there is usually a cultural exchange that happens for example the au pair learning the host family’s language.
  • Nannies
    A similar approach to an au pair is a nanny. A nanny can be a person of any age, they will look after the children for the family, are paid a salary and are invested in the infant’s development and wellbeing. A nanny is seen by the family as an employee and no cultural exchange takes place as the nanny is usually from the same country as the family. A nanny has more responsibilities than a baby sitter and usually has more child care experience as well as some courses such as infant first aid.
  • Preschool / Day Care
    A preschool or day care facility is where you take your infant to so they can be looked after. This type of facility usually looks after more than 1 child at a time and doesn’t have a 1:1 ratio like baby sitting or a nanny. At these centres your child is able to socialise with the other children through a variety of activities. They are usually open for set hours and provide a standard of care to every infant attending.

    Preschools / day cares are also involved in your infant’s wellbeing and should be able to tailor a specific program to benefit your child’s needs and development. Day-care has evolved since its inception and it still an excellent choice to provide your children with the best care.

Parkland Children’s Academy is a good example of a preschool / day care, they offer a unique mix when it comes to looking after your child. They offer a family-orientated environment with exceptional age appropriate curriculum, a safe and toxin free playground as well as secure premises. Parkland Children’s Academy also offers an after-school care program, where they help with homework, develop your child’s hobbies as well as provide them with healthy and nutritious food options.

A preschool like Parkland Children’s Academy can offer many benefits for young children but other child care options are available and, in the end, it is about choosing the correct option that fits you and children’s needs.

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