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A family-oriented preschool, like Parkland Children’s Academy, offer a fun summer camp. Their summer camp provides safe, fun, and exciting activities as well as countless benefits for your children.

About Summer Camp At Parkland Children’s Academy

Parkland Children’s Academy is offered to children ages 5 to 12 years of age. They provide a variety of exciting adventures, which guarantees that the campers will be entertained and happy during their time at summer camp.

This particular academy advocates for and encourages children to develop important skills that they can carry with them throughout their life, like working in a team, truthfulness, and respect. Parkland Children’s Academy also promotes a healthy lifestyle for their campers and works to build a homey atmosphere for the children.

Fun Summer Camp Activities

Each and every one of Parkland Children’s Academy summer camp activities prompt learning, creativity, and the physicality within each child.

  • Sports and Games

    The preschool provides interactive group activities, like soccer, kickball, and baseball. They also offer single sports like gymnastics.

  • Water Games

    Children have the opportunity to participate in pool-based activities, which is monitored and guided by trained staff.

  • Field Trips

    The preschool offers summer camp field trips, such as visiting water parks, going to the movie theaters, participating in bowling at bowling alleys, visits to Chuck E. Cheese, and exciting IMAX exhibits.

  • Educational Games

    As much as Parkland Children’s Academy offers fun activities, they also aim to incorporate educational activities as well. Some of the educational games include engaging and interactive smart boards, gaining knowledge on science, nature, and more.

  • Weekly Themes

    To amp up the fun nature of the summer camp, the preschool includes weekly themes like Nick Jr. Week, which includes Slime, a week dedicated to American Idol, and a Talent competition.

More Fun Activities And Games

Parkland Children’s Academy offers so much more fun activities and games such as a bouncy house, activities dealing with music and moving, and your classic arts and crafts, which inspires creativity in children. Because of the plethora of things to do in the summer camp, children will discover more of their interests and find out more about the hobbies they like and excel in.

Advantages Of Summer Camps

Parkland Children’s Academy offers numerous benefits for your children from personal growth to social development to fitness. Preoccupying your children with fun games and activities outside during the summer is much more beneficial than them sitting inside all day in front of a TV screen or smart devices.

Some of the benefits of summer camp include the following:

  1. A high number of achievements and growing to be more confident
  2. Becoming more independent as a result of being away from home
  3. Connecting with nature
  4. Developing more of a resilience in the sense that children will try new things and push themselves in a healthy way
  5. Creating long-term friendships and bonds

More Benefits Of Summer Camp

Children can learn structure and be introduced to things like following a schedule, learning about group rules, taking responsibility and ownership of personal belongings, and learning to get along with other children.

Another clear benefit is the socializing aspect of summer camp. Children will be able to grow their social skills, learn to get along with others, and learn how to work with campers.

They will develop a diverse skill set and a strong one at that, which they can take with them wherever they go.

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Growing up is an exciting adventure for your children and an exciting time for you to experience along with them. Instead of children being inside all day and occupied by electronics, involving them in summer camp is mind stimulating and a great opportunity for them to grow in more than one way.

Do you have more questions about summer camp? Check out our preschool blog, follow Parkland Children’s Academy on Facebook, or call Parkland Children’s Academy at (954) 688-5877.

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