Fall Activities For Your Preschool Center

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Tis the season of toasty fires, pumpkin patches, beautiful colors and falling leaves! Celebrate this Fall with some Fall-themed activities for your preschool center. Suitable for ages 2-5!

  1. Paint A Tree With Hand-Print Leaves (Ages: 3 – 5)

    Teach your class to paint leaves using their hand prints!

    Method: paint a tree without leaves on a large A1-sized piece of white paper. Your class can then paint their hands (using non-toxic paint) to print as leaves around the branches of the tree. For the colors of the leaves, use reds, oranges, yellows, and browns!

  2. Learn To Blend The Fall Colors (Ages: 3 – 5)

    Your class can learn to blend and discover different colors of the Fall!

    Method: Cover the floor with newspaper and take yellow, red, brown, orange and white paint into separate bowls and place the bowls onto the newspaper. Place paper plates in-front of each child onto the newspaper and allow them to finger paint on the paper plate, using it as a pallet for mixing colors. You can eve draw a pumpkin on the paper plate if you like!

  3. Fall In A Bowl (Ages: 2 & 3)

    This activity is especially suitable for the little ones!

    Method: Place a log, fallen dried leaves and pine cones into a large bowel or bucket, along with soil for a fun, tactile experience. If you have a sandpit, then place these objects in the sand pit along with some sand-castle molds. Be sure to supervise the children so that they do not swallow anything.

  4. Leaf-Shape Art (Ages: 4 & 5)

    You can create beautiful leaf shapes through this simple and fun activity.

    Method: With your class, go outside the classroom and instruct them to collect 3 leaves (3 for each child), and then bring them back inside for painting once they have gathered enough leaves. Encourage and show your class to bring back different kinds of leaves that vary in shape and size.
    Show the class how to make ‘silhouettes’ or outlines of the leaves by placing the leaves onto their paper and painting over the leaves’ edges. Each child should have their own piece of paper.

  5. Grow A Pumpkin With Your Class (Ages: 4 & 5)

    This is an exciting and progressive learning activity for your class!

    Method: You will need garden space, soil, water and pumpkin seeds, as well as photographs on the different stages of a pumpkin’s growth to show to your class. Grow the pumpkin in the preschool center so that you can monitor the pumpkin with your class each day. You can look on Almanac.com for instructions on harvesting and growing pumpkins.

  6. Orange Playdough (Ages:2 – 5)

    Everybody loves to play with playdough, and it’s for all preschool ages!

    Method: Set up a table with lots of orange (non-toxic) playdough and cookie cutters to create some interesting shapes. Show your class how to cut play-dough with the cookie cutters (cookie cutters should be for ages 4 and 5) or how to roll play-dough for the little ones (ages 2 and 3).

  7. Apple-Core Art (Ages: 3 – 5)

    Create some organic art with apple cores!

    Method: Cut out apple cores for each child and place some paint into 5 shallow trays (different colors for each tray). Demonstrate how to roll the apple core in paint, and then stamp them around the page! Put your children in groups of 5 and make different color ‘stations’ (each station will have a shallow tray of paint and 5 apple cores), so that the groups can rotate each ‘station’ every 5 minutes to fill their pages with different colored apple stamps.

  8. Grow Pumpkin Grass Heads (Ages: 5)

    Use this simple and easy method to make some funky grass heads! If you can find some orange stockings, then your grass heads will look more like pumpkins! Make them with your class step by step, but you will need to assist them for certain things like tying the stockings. Show your class how to take care of their grass heads, and eventually trim the grass once it has grown.

With all of these great ideas, you can show your class how to enjoy this fantastic season while developing their sensory and motor skills!

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