The Importance of After School Care

after school care

After school care is there to aid parents in supervising their children when they are busy with work, giving them peace of mind that their child is safe and looked after while staying out of trouble. But after care is also there for your child. Good after care teachers will be qualified or retired teachers with a passion for helping children. They engage with children in a positive way that allows them to have homework assistance with no pressure, socialize with each other in a free space, and just be children and play. After care provides these important benefits, which help your child develop and grow in a supervised environment.

After School Care and Homework Assistance

The caretakers running after care will be qualified to help your child, offering them a bit more personal attention when working through homework. This helps take away any pressure that your child may usually feel about performance in class, and is especially helpful for children that need a bit more attention or have learning disabilities. As a parent, you can rest assured that the work has been done by the time your child arrives home, as some parents find it difficult to help with homework.

Improving Social Skills

Children will have more time to converse with each other and the staff during after school care. This helps them develop social skills with their peers, and the staff will be able to offer help if a child gets out of hand or interrupts too much, so that they may understand how to speak with other children better.

An aftercare like Parkland Children’s Academy that offers pickup from other schools is even better for children, taking them away from their own school and cliques and introducing them to new kids. Some children who are shy or do not have friends will have the opportunity to integrate more and find friendship. A mixed aftercare also means that there are children of different ages interacting, further increasing their social interaction, and helping them learn from each other.

Physical Activity and Play

Once all homework is completed, children have the opportunity to spend the rest of the afternoon engaged in unstructured play time. This is highly beneficial to children, as it stimulates imagination, creativity, and physical abilities while having fun. Allowing children to play like this, and not forcing structured rules or ideas on them, helps expand their thought processes, increase creativity and problem-solving skills. All of these become important abilities for later in life. Allowing them to figure things out also builds a sense of self-importance and confidence when they create something new or figure something out on their own.

Unstructured playtime also offers children a chance to be active and physical. They have been sitting inside learning all day, and would have gone home and watched TV, increasing the time spent inactive. Giving them a chance to go outside and benefit from different types of sensory input helps them develop physically. Children will burn calories, build muscle and increase motor skills. They also develop co-operation with their peers and increase their co-ordination skills. Some children can spend the afternoon improving their sports skills, and others can be free of the stress of playing seriously and just have fun.

By allowing your child to take part in an after school program, they will receive many benefits that would have been missed sitting at home. Children receive supervised care, keeping them safe from wandering around or being in danger. Parkland Children’s Academy also provides the children with snacks to keep their energy up, and safe transportation to and from after care. Parents will additionally receive one-on-one communication whenever it is required, as we believe in full transparency. Bring your child to our aftercare and let them spend their afternoons being a child.

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