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daycare providersWe understand how difficult it can be for parents to place their children at a daycare provider. You have to be able to trust that your child will be well taken care of, kept safe, and encouraged to develop all the necessary tools for meeting the milestones along the way. At Parkland Children’s Academy, we strive to put parents’ minds at ease and give the children the environment needed for them to thrive.

When you know your children are at the right daycare providers, it makes it easier for everyone. Easier for the parents to feel good about dropping off their children, and easier for the children to happily be able to spend the day away from their parents. At the Parkland Children’s Academy, we believe that the early years — from birth to 5-years-old — are the most important formative years. Intelligence is being formed and children are able to develop through exploration, discovery and creation.

At the Parkland Children’s Academy, we know parents want much more than just a babysitter for their children. They want to find a daycare provider who will encourage, support and assist children through these formative years, giving the kids all the tools they need to be successful.

We are the right daycare provider for your children because we offer an educational program that has been proven successful, run by a competent, nurturing and educated staff. We keep our child-to-teacher ratio low in order to give the children more opportunity for one-on-one attention and learning. We also understand that our educators are only the second most import teacher in your children’s life. Parents are always the most important teachers for their children so that is why we work in partnership with families to develop an understanding of the culture, beliefs and routines you have already begun with your child.

It is also important for your children’s daycare provider to offer a safe, secure and healthy environment for your children to thrive. At the Parkland’s Children Academy, we have rubber flooring inside in order to reduce bumps and bruises for new crawlers and walkers. Also, the rubber flooring cannot grow bacteria so there is no need for harmful chemicals to be used during the cleaning process. Our children’s furniture is regarded as the safest and strongest within the industry. The rubber surface in our playground helps prevent low impact injuries and eliminates splinters that can come from wood chips.

We also offer a feature for the parents where you can view your children from your home or office via a web cam, in order to offer a little peace of mind and reduce any stress associated with leaving your children with a daycare provider.

Early education is an incredible choice you are making for your children. The Parkland Children’s Academy is thrilled to be the daycare provider of choice for many families and we hope to be for your family as well.

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